Want More Boot Camp Clients? Here’s 24 Proven Ways to Get Them.

Whether you’ve just opening and are still establishing your client base, or you are a seasoned pro looking to expand your business, here are 24 unique and powerful methods to get clients through your door.

These are some of my best ideas, developed over years of trail and error, so don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your money making potential.

New ClientsWithout wasting any of your time, here’s what you came for— 24 Incredible Client-Getting Strategies:

1. Be a passionate, enthusiastic, and likable trainer. Keep your energy as high as you can manage. Back in my personal trainer management days I did a survey with the clients of over 50 trainers. I asked these clients what they looked for in a personal trainer more than anything else and the most common answers were: passion, enthusiasm, likability, and energy.

2. Make it known that client referrals are always an uncompromised condition of doing business with you. Regularly ask for them, reward your clients when they make them, and express a lot of praise in front of the other clients when someone brings one.

3. To constantly bring new prospects through your funnel, always run new promotions that offer lower cost and shorter time commitment than usual. Use my 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Program, or 14-day abs and buns program, or try a 7-day flat tummy program, then convert these clients into regular ongoing clients. The key here is to make sure each program is under 30 days and costs less that $100 dollars— that’s the suite spot.

4. Dial for dollars about once every month (email is another great way to do the same thing). Hit the phones (or the keyboard) and start getting in touch with all your previous clients. Reactivate former accounts by making special low-barrier offers and attractive incentives.

5. Do weekly grocery store tours, educate the public about yourself and the effectiveness of your Boot Camp System, and then present low-barrier offers with every outreach program you create.

6. Schedule at least one “lunch and learn” with a local business that employs ten or more individuals. Present 20 minutes of content, hold a 10 minute Q&A session, then make an irresistible offer. Business to Business outreach not only brings you clients in the short-term, but establishes a steady referral stream by broadcasting a positive reputation for you and your Boot Camp.

7. Present all new clients with a certificate that allows them to bring a friend along with them during their first week of Boot Camp sessions. New members are excited, pumped, and want to tell all their friends about how great their new healthy choices are: these are the easiest referrals and conversions you’ll get.

8. Get all your clients on EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). This may not be a client getting system per se, but it’s one of the best client keeping systems that I know of.

9. Give away one-week trials for just one dollar. Once you’ve got them in the door, provide the BEST fitness program they’ve ever Low-Barrier Offersexperienced. Make them love you and they’ll be sure to convert to long-term clients by they time the week is up.

10. Lead box local businesses that cater to your prospective clients and then offer the business owner or manager free access to your services. Set a goal of 30 putting lead boxes out within your community.

11. Put on an annual biggest loser challenge. Promote the heck out of it with press releases, news articles, radio spots and email broadcasts. When your participants get results, do all those promotions over again. This will make a huge name for you within your community and will bring lots of new prospects.

12. Here’s one of the biggest and best tips I will ever give you: Build a massive (or as big as you can make it) email list of clients, prospects, and former clients. Each month, week, even each day, deliver killer content to this list and augment that content with incredible offers.

13. Drive around in a one-ton billboard. I know it may not be the greatest aesthetic choice, but when you wrap your car you get a TON of attention.

14. Use a blog as a place to educate, incubate, and convert prospects into paying clients.

15. Carefully craft scripts for every customer interaction you or your employees will face. Have a phone script for each different type of customer calls, write and rehearse a face-to-face script that helps your salespeople deliver great pitches and close sales, and create an extensive script for dealing with objections. Don’t ever make your employees “wing it,” give them the tools they need to feel and act prepared.

16. Everyday, work to reprogram your subconscious mind to expect success rather than failure. Every morning and each night before going to bed visualize what you want your business to look like in 12, 6, even 1 month from that moment. Use detailed specifics and your subconscious will get you there faster.

17. Use the GSD (Get Shit Done) method. Be laser focused on your critical 5% and outsource the trivial 95% to other talent.

18. Give so you can get. Send your best clients unannounced gifts– just because.

19. Consult a client council. Ask your best clients what they want from a fitness program (just like what I told you about in tip #1). Find out what they like and make it better, find out when they feel is missing and make it happen.

20. Write articles for local magazines, newspaper, and other publications. Give your best info away for free to position yourself as your community’s local fitness and fat loss guru.

21. Do the things that others aren’t willing to do. Overcome your (and everyone else’s) fears, doubts, and limitations in order to take massive action.

22. Never live by other people’s values or ideals. Instead, set your own values and expectations for your business, and then meet them.

23. Check out my marketing and business courses and to the most cutting edge, “what’s working now” client getting systems and tactics.

24. Be a master closer— all the marketing in the world means nothing if you can’t convert prospects it brings you into paying clients.

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