Fitness Boot Camp Marketing Interview With Dustin Maher

4545451Heeey - Steve Hochman here with a KILLER interview with Dustin Maher.

But FIRST...

Check out the 6-Pillars to Boot Camp Success video that Bedros and I shot for you in beautiful Carlsbad California 🙂

A few days ago Dustin sent me a "thank you" email.

In the email he told me that he has 9 boot camp locations and over 300 members in the Madison Wisconsin area.

I called him up and asked him, "How did ya build such a giant boot camp empire"

His answer was, "I just followed the boot camp marketing tips on your blog."

He agreed to share ALL of his boot camp success secrets right here in this AMAZING audio interview.

This is a "MUST LISTEN TO" interview...

So without further ado... HEEEEEEERE'S Dustin!

[media: interview.mp3]

Or you can download it below by right clicking and "save target as" or "save link
Download MP3

Dustin was nice enough to include his copy of the Food Magnet you can Download Here!

To learn more about Dustin Maher check out Madison personal trainer and bootcamps

And be sure to check the Six Pillars To Boot Camp Success

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