Fitness Marketing Fear Destroyer

Why some fitness professionals let FEAR kill their income... And what YOU can do about it.

Hey - Steve here with something pretty important I want to talk about.

It has to do with the "fear" of fitness marketing and hiding behind your computer.

After mentoring hundres of fitness professionals, there is ONE REASON that 99% of trainers FAIL.

And that reason is:
Not intelligence
Not knowledge
Not experience
Not certifications
And Definitely NOT education

It's the one of the worst FOUR LETTER WORD in the english language...


That's right... Trainers all over the world a scared outta there minds about going into businesses, talking to strangers and even making phone calls.

So because it's outside their "comfort zone" they decide to hide behind their computers and post craigslist ads all day telling themselves that because they are "busy" doing "stuff" they are being PRODUCTIVE... NOT!

Well guess what amigos, that's not gonna cut it, (Not if you want to make $100,000 or more a year)

But the good news it that your old pal Steve is gonna show you how to CRUSH your fears by "reframing" them.

Here's an example...

When you get on a rollercoaster, you ASK to be scared - You want to feel fear.

You love it because you've decided it would be fun.

BUT, imagine if you suddenly felt that same awesome adrenaline and butterflies in your stomach while your sitting in your car stuck in traffic.

You'd probably freak out and maybe have an anxiety attack... You'd be like, "when is this going to stop, I hate this feeling!"

This is called "FRAMING"

Framing is when you take one experience and look at it in a different light to create a different experience.

So why am I bringing this up?

Because just marketing on the internet is simply not enough... You have to get "get out there" and actually INTERACT with influential people and businesses in your community.

I mean, google can change its SEO algorithms at any time and you can no longer be on the first page.

Facebook can triple it's advertising prices

Craigslist can, and pretty much has, gotten over saturated.

But RELATIONSHIPS and CONNECTIONS with REAL PEOPLE wont go away anytime soon.

For example, if you use my "Referral Charity Drive" method to get your high conversion post card ads in 30 local businesses, and those businesses end up refering you just one lead per month.... That ends up being 30 leads a month.

But if that "little voice" in your head say, "Uhhhh that' gonna be uncomfortable... I can't do that... booooo hoooo" AND if you actually listen to that little voice and DO NOT do what you KNOW is going to make you money just because you're scared... Then you are LEAVING PILES OF MONEY ON THE TABLE.

So how do you destroy this fear?

You "reframe it" AND ask for it.

Here's a what I mean...

I used to be TERRIFIED of public speaking, and the more I tried NOT to be scared and feel "fear" the worse it got.

So to vaporize my fear, I REFRAMED it into EXCITEMENT.

Remember how I said earlier that the feeling of being on a fun rollercoaster and the feeling of having a terrible anxiety attack are the same feeling, the only difference is the rollercoacter is "framed" in your mind as fun and the anxiety attack is "framed" in your mind as horrible.

...And you ASKED to be scared on the roller-coaster.

So when I do public speaking I ASK to be scared... I want to feel "fear" only I REFRAME it into excitement and adrenaline and then I go out on stage and bring ridiculous amounts of ENERGY and kill it.

Fear is kind of like the boogie man or Freddy Kreuger from the movie A Nightmare On elm Street, the more you fear him and run from him, the stronger he gets... But when you say, "Freddy, you're not real, your just a dream, YOU'RE NOTHING!" he fades away.

So if YOUR letting FEAR limit you income (be honest with yourself) then STOP, REFRAME and ASK!

(I'd love to hear your thoughts below)

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