Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #2

Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #2
(The Biggest Mistake With Visualization)

When I showed you the biggest mistake with visualization at 7:59 into the video, did you discover that YOU  have made that mistake?

I know I sure have...

So what can you take away from this...

1. If you own a fitness studio or boot camp, spend at least 3 minutes a day when it is empty, visualizing that is is PACKED with RAVING CLIENTS, and there are hundreds more lined literally lined up around the building waiting to get in.

2. When you visualize, the more intense emotion ya feel the better.

In other words, the more REAL you can make it feel, the more powerful and effective it will be.

picture-73. Do NOT make the biggest and most common visualization mistake by intensely feeling that you DON'T have what you want yet.

That's a bad feeling, and visualization is all about feeling super excited and good.

Rather, feel as if you already have what you "want".

And experience that excited "butterfly feeling" in the pit of your stomach, and carry that feeling with you through out the day.

2010 is going to be YOUR year to quantum leap your success.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Fitness Marketing Mindset Success Series.

Rock on!


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