Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #1

Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #1
(The Big Secret to Setting Goals)

All the fitness marketing tips and secrets in the world simply will not work, if you don't have the right MINDSET.

Your brain is SO powerful and will "automatically" do so many things to give you what you "want" out of life...


You must give your brain specifics...

It only works on specifics. (that's when the magic happens)


For example, Let's take (Trainer A) "I want to make more money"

Compared to...

(Trainer B) "I want to make $8333 a month to be on pace for $100k per year.  Currently, I have 20 clients paying an average of $200 per month each, equaling $4k per month.  I will get 22 more clients over the next 16 weeks to give me an additional $4400 per month... Then I will reach my goal of being on pace for $100k per year.

fitness-marketing-moneyWow, what a difference...

Do you think (Trainer B) has a WAY greater probability of hitting his or her goals?

You're right, without-a-doubt!

Here's my challenge to you...

Leave a comment with:
1) Where you are now with you business
2) Where you want to be in 2010

Remember to BE SPECIFIC...

When you leave your goals below, I'll leave a comment back helping you to refine them and drill even deeper.

Hey, it takes guts to show your goals to the whole world, but like they say... NO GUTS, NO GLORY!

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