Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #4

Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #4

If ya really think about it, every experience in life comes down to perspective.

For instance, if you go to the movies in the daytime, when you get out it seems really bright outside.

But it's no brighter than it was when you went in, it's just that your eyes became adjusted to the dark movie theater.

So in perspective to the "dark", the "light" seems SO much brighter.

I'm sure you've jumped into a hot tub and it felt boiling hot... Until you got used to it, then it felt soooo warm and relaxing.

Why?  Perspective.

The same works with "fear"

Depending on how you look at it, will determine your "experience"


For example, one of the things I do when I get scared about walking up to strangers to get leads for my boot camps, I just think, if I was in Afghanistan, and people were shooting at me, it would be WAY more scary than going up to strangers.

I could actually die or become crippled, compared to someone just saying they're not interested.

When I use that "perspective" the fear disappears, or at least gets way less.

So next time you feel "fear" kick it in the butt with some perspective.

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