Fitness Marketing With The School Donation Method

Here's a really cool fitness marketing strategy that pulled tons of clients into my boot camps.

It's also a great way to get some local media attention.

I shall name it... The School Donation Method... Muwwwaaaa! Muwaaaaaa!

And it will get you one-hundred-million-billion clients!

Ok, not one-hundred-million-billion, but a whole lot.

Here's what you need for this method to work.
(Btw... It's waaay easy πŸ™‚

1.Β  A school.
2. Plastic gift cards.

Schools need money for education and athletics.

You possess an extremely high value service soooo...

Ya call the school and ask them who you should talk to if you want to make a very large donation.

Most likely it will be the principle, the director, or the head of the booster club.

Set up a meeting with whoever they recommend.

At the meeting, tell them that you want to donate $20,000 dollars of boot camp services to raise funds for their school.

Wait... Don't freak out about the $20k.

You're just going to donate 200 one hundred dollar gift cards.
(200 x $100 = $20,000)

And since the average boot camp charges about $200 a month, a one hundred dollar gift card = about 2 weeks of free boot camp.

So back to what you say to the person in charge of receiving donations.

Tell them that the gift cards are each loaded with $100 dollars and they can sell them for any price they want, and keep 100% of the profits for their school.

In other words, the school can sell the $100 gift cards for $5, $10, $50... How ever much or little they want...

And they keep ALL of the profits.

Encourage them to do two things.

1.Β  Email all their parents to tell them that they are raising money for the school through fitness, and to buy the gift cards.

2.Β  Have the boosters (who are usually moms) sell the gift cards to their friends, family and co-workers.

This will get your gift cards distributed directly into the hands of people who are willing to pay for them...

And best of all, it wont cost you a friggin dime.

Have you ever had a kid come to your door from the high school football team asking you to buy advertising space in the program that they hand out at the games?

Well now they can go door to door and sell your plastic gift cards at a discount to their neighbors to raise money.

Like I said, free distribution.

Another thing while your at it.

Since you are now "in" with the school, offer the teachers and staff a 21 day rapid fat loss boot camp program for $97 bucks...

After their hooked, convert them into full priced paying clients.

And finally, now that you're a local hero who just donated $20,000 to the local school, call the local media outlets and see if they would be interested in doing a story on you.

So there you have it, my School Donation Method.

Enjoy, and rock on in 2010!

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