Get a FREE 15-minute coaching call with me where give you a fitness marketing tactic to making $2990 in 5 days


So to sum it all up...

I'm going to give you a very special FREE 1-on-1 15 minute coaching call with me.

On our call, I'm going to show you ONE way, to make exactly $2990 in 5 days.

In fact, your going to make $2990 in 5 days without spending a friggin dime on marketing.

And the coolest part of all is...

You can use this tactic to make $2990 in 5 days ANY time you want...

Imagine how good you'll feel when you use my tactic to make $2990 in five days...

You may even leave a cool comment on my blog...

Are you going to spend your $2990 wisely?

I'm sure you are,

Because only the smartest trainers read

So here's what you need to do next to set up your
free 1-on-1 coaching call with me...
... And make $2990 in 5 days.

Email me and include your name and phone number.

My assistant Ariel will contact you to set up your coaching call.

The last time I offered a free coaching call I ended up setting up 44 calls.

(That was A LOT of calls, so I think this time I'll only set up about 10)

Email me your name and phone number to

Looking forward to making you $2990 richer!


Ps.  I thought you might want to read an email that I got from Kelly Parker after she tried one of my other famous out-of-the-box marketing strategies. (This is not the same one that I'm going to teach you)


in less than 10 days I made just shy of $40,000.

picture-45I just wanted to let you know how it's been going since the last call with you about the "20 Human Billboards" marketing strategy.

I thought it was a great call. I have been training small groups but not like that. And I never would have thought to open up times and have people choose their time spots.

Well right after the call I looked at my schedule to see when and how I could do this. I sent an email out to all my newsletter subscribers explaining how this "20 People Special" works.

4 days later I had my Chiropractor (I'm in the back of a chiropractor's office) send an email out to all of his clients (hundreds) stating I only had 6 spots left.

I got so many emails it took me 2 hours to respond. Long story short, I have filled the 20 spots I planned and it cost me Nothing! Yeah!!!

And in less than 10 days I made just shy of $40,000. I'm excited and everyone signing up is excited. It's the best win-win I've ever done!!

Thanks for having that call.

Kelly Parker

Like I said...

I'm only going to have my assistant set up 10 free coaching calls, so if you want to make $2990 over the next 5 days, and you're serious about exploding your business...

Email your name and phone number to and Ariel will set up our call.

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18 Comments "Get a FREE 15-minute coaching call with me where give you a fitness marketing tactic to making $2990 in 5 days"

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