Five Fitness Marketing Tactics To Do Right Now!

Two really cool things are about to happen.

First, I'm going to hang with my BFF and fitness marketing genius Bedros Keuilian.

We're gonna take his new GTR super car out for a spin.

(Check out the pic I snapped of him gazing at it right before he bought it... I had the same look when I picked up my Vett 🙂

And second, my friend and fitness celebrity Dustin  Maher is releasing his new Fitness Media Dominator course.

When it comes to getting in the media, this guy is DA MAN, and he's gonna reveal all his secrets here

But right now, I want to give you five simple, powerful and proven boot camp exploding strategies that you can DO RIGHT NOW to blow up your boot camp.

#1 The Six Week Body Transformation Blitzkrieg

This is what I call, "Picking the lowest hanging fruit."

You're gonna call and email all your past clients, leads, and even friends and use the script below.

Hi (name) this is (your name) from (Your company).

I was calling to check and see how you are progressing with your fitness goals? (Ask questions, take notes)

Well, I think I have something that would be perfect for you.

Right now we are running a six week total body transformation where we get serious and completely transform your body in six weeks.

I’ve discounted it to just $249 bucks for the whole six weeks, before and after pictures, body fat measurements and your customized nutrition plan.

I started out with 20 spots and most of them are filled and I have about 200 more calls to go so I’m sure they’ll be gone today.

Would you like me to count you in?

Great, I just need to confirm some information to secure your spot.

- Is this still your correct email address...
- What time works best for you (time) or (time)
- What day works best for you (Day) or (day)
- Great, so I have you down for (Day) at (time), and I’ll send you a conformation email with driving directions to (their email)

- And since I only have a few spots left, which credit card would you like to use to hold your spot... It won’t get charged unless you don’t show up or cancel without give us at least 24 hours notice, in which case there will be a $49 dollar one time charge.

(Confirm everything, congratulate them and tell them you are so glad you called)

When they come in... Make sure you get their payment info and explain that after the six weeks is over, they will automatically be debited monthly for your regular program.

#2 The Charity Drive Referral Raider

9 out of 10 fitness professionals do this COMPLETELY WRONG.

The objective is NOT to see how much money you can raise for a local charity (Although, when you do it right you will raise a nice chunk of change for your charity)

The goal is to use the "charity drive" angle to get you in the door with 20 to 30 local businesses.

In other words, explain to them that over the next 30 days you will be raising $2000 dollars for a local charity (go in to detail about the charity, especially if it helps kids in need) by donating $100 dollars for everyone who participates (that's code for joins your boot camp) over the next 30 days.

Ask them if they would be willing to put your advertisements up for the next 30 days.

After they say yes, offer the owner/manager/staff 30 days of your boot camp for free (make them Human Billboards)

After the charity drive is over, offer to let them continue training for free in trade for keeping your advertisements up at their store.

Here's the math... 30 businesses X's 1 referral a month = 30 referrals a month 🙂

#3 Get 10 Human Billboard Elites

Here's how to make a quick $3000 in one week.

Call people who may not be able to afford your boot camp, but have good energy and would really want to do it.

Offer 10 of them to participate in your boot camp for $50 bucks a month if they promise to try their hardest to refer one friend a month.

Let them try the first workout for free then tell them that you will give this special deal to them for 6 months...

(the math) 6 months at $50 a month paid up front is $300 bucks.

$300 bucks X's 10 Human Billboards is $3000.

Very nice!

#4 The Body Fat Table Client Getter

Walk into places like high traffic healthy grocery stores and offer the manager free boot camp.

Ask if it would be ok to set up a table right outside the store to do free body fat testing.

Use a "pound of fat, pound of muscle" prop to get peoples attention.

Put the fat and muscle prop in their hand and ask them to guess what it is.

Then put the Omron Hand Held Body Analyzer in their hands and tell them you will let them know how much fat and how much muscle they have.

Show them on a chart where they stand body fat wise and what the health risks are.

Have them fill out a form with their name, email, phone number and fitness goal to enter to win a free month of fitness.

Then follow up, follow up, follow up!

#5 Get In the Media

No one is better at getting on TV and turning that into a $700,000 a year business better then Dustin Maher

This guy is ABSOLUTELY KILLING it by constantly being featured on TV, in news papers, in magazines and on the radio.

Check out his step-by-step blue print here.

Now get out there and DOMINATE!

Dedicated to your continued success,


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