Getting On The First Page Of Google Ain’t That Complicated… What The SEO “Experts” Don’t Want You To Know About!

Ok, time go on another RANT!

p9_1I'm typing fast and not using spell check cuz I'm friggin pissed so please excuse the spelling and grammar mistakes.

I just had a personal trainer (Who is a VERY close friend of mine) ask me what I thought about a Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company that said they could get her on the first page of Google for her key words for (GET THIS) $1,999 a month with a three month cancelation notice clause...


MAN! These SEO scam artists suck... and I'm gonna blow the lid off the whole search engine mystery RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW...

Don't get me wrong, there's a handful of KICK ASS fitness marketers that really do it right, like my buddies Chris McCombs and Bedros  Keuilian, who hold NOTHING back - But I know this is gonna piss a lot of those fake "Internet marketing experts" off... but I REALLY DON'T CARE!

I don't...

What the HELL are they gonna do to me anyway?

You see when you know this stuff, it gives you the POWER tell those guys to take-a-hike... And I say, screw anyone who trys to scam fitness professionals, keep them in the dark, and hold back from valuable (yet simple) fitness business building information.... Screw THEM!

p9_2So first, here's 4 reasons why you want to avoid SEO companies like a BAD CASE OF HERPES:

1. They're a big rip off!

2. If you stop using them, you disappear off Google.

3. Google hates link-farms, It can get you "Google Slapped!"

4. You're forced to stay helplessly dependant on SOMONE else.

So, here's the secrets that those  "SEO experts" DON'T want you to know about... S.C.R.E.W. THEM!

My Googlenator Method - Phase 1

p9_dub1. Put your city and only 2 or 3 of your major key words in the title tag of your site.  (For example, Tustin Boot Camp-Fitness Boot Camp In Tustin Ca-Bootcamp)

If you don't adjust your title tag, then your site will most likely NEVER show up anywhere near the first page on the search engines.  And if you go for too many key words then they will be too diluted.

2. Use those same key words in your description tag.  (For example, Brand new Boot Camp in Tustin guaranteed to melt 20 lbs and in 8 weeks.  See Tustin fitness boot camp testimonials here)

3.  In the key words tag, only go for one city per site.  (For example, Tustin boot camp, bootcamp in Tustin, fitness boot camp Tustin ca)

4.  Make sure you have a headline on your site and it's bigger font size then any other font on the page.  This is also called an h1 tag. Google puts some heavy weight on it so make sure you


include you search words in it.

For example, "Who Else Wants This Tustin Boot Camp To Tone Your Stomach And Make You Drop 19 Lbs In Just 8 Weeks?"

5.  Include a sub-headline with your key words in it.  The sub-headline is also referred to as the h2 tag.  This carries some SEO weight too.

6. Have a lot of killer content on the home page of your site, as opposed to breaking your site up into several small pages.  Google loves relevant content.

(Tip - Include tons of testimonials on your home page.  Edit them yourself.  It's a great way to get lot of key word density. Example testimonial, at the Tustin Boot Camp, I lost... Blah, blah, blah... Mrs. Jones Tustin Ca)

7.  Put your key words in the "Alt Tags" of your images.  Again, more keyword density.

8.  Make sure your key words flow and do not look too spamy.

9.  Build links by submitting article to FREE sites like and

Make sure that when you write an article, (with out sounding salesy, put your key words in the title and then a couple times in the article body.

In the resource box put an html code   link that includes your top key words and website.  (Here is the code you will need)

<a target="_new" href="http://www.(your website here).com">
(Your key words here) </a> 

You see, an html. link with your targeted key words is looked upon by Google as WAY more important than a regular link.

Tip - If you don't feel like writing articles you can use sites like to write them for you.  (FYI- Use all these sites at your own risk... I don't endorse them, but I personally have had great results using these resources and it's a HELL OF A LOT better than spending $350 to $800 for a single press release!)

Next... My Googlenator Method Phase 2

p9_610. Create 8-10 websites using ALL OF THE ABOVE STRATEGIES for your surrounding cities.  Especially cities that don't have a lot of SEO competition for your key words.

If you follow the Googlenator method correctly, these "City sites" should start popping up in position 1-3 on the first page of Google pretty quickly.  Put up about 8 - 10 of these "City sites."

Next put a site map at the bottom of all of your sites linking all of them together.   Make sure you use key words in your anchor text like - Boot Camp (City name).  Now Google will see that not only do you have a massive amount of relevant content, but you also have 8-10 sites linked together that all come up on the first page for their search terms.  This combination carries TONS of Google juice.

11.  Now that you have a powerful Google presence, you can search in other states and cities for non-competitors who have sites that are in the 1-3 position for your same key words.

For example, if you have a boot camp or personal training biz in California, you can find someone who has the same type of biz and comes up in position 1-3 for the same key words in New York.

Contact them and ask if you can trade links in each other's site maps.  It's totally cool because someone in California is not gonna click on a link that says 'boot camp in New York'... And vice versa.


And the best part of all, its practically FREE!

See what my Googlenator Method did for my boot camp sites in only 3 weeks!

The Googlenator Method strikes again... This time for personal training!

I'm most likely gonna come under some MAJOR HEAT from the so called "SEO EXPERTS" for giving away their secrets... But like I said, I really don't give a crap...

Let them get pissed, I'm tired of good hard working fitness professionals getting RIPPED OFF, SCREWED and kept IN THE DARK.

I hope this helps,


Ps.  Leave a comment with how you are going to use the Googlenator to DOMINATE the search engines!

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