A Goat, Sushi and the 5 Percent

Ya, that's me holding a baby bottle and a Pygmy Goat owners manual, with my best friend and business partner Bedros, who's holding his new Pygmy Goat.

So why am I telling you this, and what does it have to do with fitness marketing?

Well for one, I think it's cool-arious (a combination of cool and hilarious)

But I'll reveal the most important reason by telling you a little story about what my day was like on Thursday.

8:30 am: Woke up and had a green smoothie.

9:00 am: My wife and I took our girls to preschool (so awesome 🙂

9:15 am: Grabbed a green tea with my wife at Starbucks, hung out for a little bit.

10:00 - 12:00: Kick butt calls with my coaching clients.

1:00 pm: Got to Bedros's office and did an AWESOME coaching conference call with him for Fit Body Boot Camp.

1:30 pm: Bedros and I had a killer strategy session, then outsourced 90% of what we came up.

2:00 pm: Bedros and I went grabbed some sushi.

2:15 pm: Fit Body Boot Camp owner and super awesome guy Michael Duivis stopped stopped by to meet up with us.

3:00 pm: Bedros got a call from one of his assistants that the Pygmy Goat he ordered (off the internet on an impulse buy) had been delivered to his office.

3:15 pm: Got to the office to see the Pygmy Goat.

3:30 pm: Bedros, "The Duivis" and I went to Bedros's house to surprise his wife and kids with the Pygmy Goat (Like I said, it was an impulse buy, so they had no idea)


LOL That was pretty cool-arious.

Ok, back the events of the day...

4:30 pm: Bedros, "The Duivis" and I went back to the office.

4:35 - 5:30 Bedros, "The Duivis" and I told crazy/funny stories (Well Bedros and I did, "The Duivis" mostly listened)

6:30 pm:  Went home, had family dinner, played with the kids, then we put them to bed.

8:00 pm: My wife and I chilled and watched "Did You Hear About the Morgans"
(I couldn't really tell ya about it because I kinda fell asleep)

10:00 - 10:15 pm: I planned the most important things I needed to do the next day to move my businesses forward.

10:30 pm: Worked out for an hour (Legs and abs)

12:00 am: Went to bed listening to HoloSync (It's an audio thing that you listen to that makes you smarter)

So, here's the million dollar question can you figure out the TWO most important part of the day?

Take a guess.

It was the between 1:30pm and 2:00pm and then between 10:00 and 10:15pm.

At 1:30pm Bedros and I strategized, then delegated.

Other then some coaching calls, the strategy session and planning out my next day, we pretty much got a Pygmy goat, had fun and goofed off.

At 10:00pm: I planned the next day with the most important things that I had to do to move my business forward the most.  (The top 5%)

Now, I'm not saying that I work that little everyday, (Sometimes I pull all-nighters... I'll do what ever it takes)

...But when you figure out the 5% that you need to do to quantum leap your business forward, then delegate the other 95%, you end up having a lot of days where you can pretty much hyper focus for a short time, then kick back and have fun the rest of the day.

I just wanted to give you a little peak at what your typical day can look like when you focus on the BIG 5% and out source the rest.

Without the 5% method, you'll  most likely be working like crazy for the rest of your life to pull down a decent income.

However, if you have already figured out the 5% method, and are practicing it, then congratulations, you already know what it feels like to experience an amazing lifestyle.

Minimal work, maximum results.

Rock on!

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