How To Be Fearless

t5I'm going to tell you a story about how I became fearless, how it gave me the POWER to open up multiple six-figure boot camp locations, and the three things you can do right now, to achieve the SAME THING!

Now this is a really personal subject for me, but after meeting a ton of the cool fitness professionals that read my blog, I feel like where family so I can open up to you... (Plus my therapist says it's good for me 🙂

So here goes

14 years ago (in a past life it seems) way before I had multiple six figure boot camps locations and a successful group training studio, I was controlled by fear.


So here's the story...

Back in college, I was going through a pretty stressful time (Blew out my ACL, some crappy family stuff, and mid-terms)

I got like no sleep for 48 hours studying (Cuz I have add it takes me a long time) and I had my last mid-term in a couple hours so my friend told me to take a couple of caffeine pills and I would be fine.

I probably just should have had some coffee but at the time, I never drank the stuff.

Well, when all the caffeine form the pills hit my system my chest tightened up, my heart started pounding and and almost blacked out.

I thought I was having a heart attack but it ended up being a major anxiety attack.

Well something snapped in my brain because from that day on, all my fears felt totally exaggerated.  (The doc told me I "broke" the part of my brain that manages fear)

5tLike the smallest thing that would normally be no big deal (like meeting a new person) made me have total anxiety.

I let it get so bad that I slowly began to stop doing anything that would make me feel that way...

And before I knew it, I made myself a prisoner in my own dorm room (I hardly left my room, and when I did, I got back there as fast as I could.)

I'm telling ya... It was a pretty dark time in my life as I went from being an All-American athlete to feeling like a total wuss-bag, barricaded in my dorm room.

To make a VERY LONG story short, I leaned two thing that changed my life forever.

How to turn your worst fears into putty in your hands... and , that the #1 reason why people do not (and will not EVER) have the life, business and money they truly want is because of FEAR.

Let me explain what I mean

Have you ever seen other boot camp instructors or group trainers with less knowledge, less skill, and  less talent than you make MORE money, have MORE free time, and have a BETTER lifestyle than you.

Why... WHY... WHY!!!??

It's all cuz of a very misunderstood four-letter-word called FEAR.

Let's face it. the ONLY reason someone with less talent, skill and knowledge then you could achieve MORE than you is because of your FEAR of doing the things you NEED to do to get what you really want.

Fear can be a DREAM KILLER


Fear can cause you to tell yourself all sorts of stories of why you shouldn't, can't or wont achieve the life you really want.

So how do we destroy this killer of dreams called fear?

The First step is to BECOME AWARE.

Think about what you truly want in life, and become aware of the fear that is stopping you from doing it.

The next step is to turn TOWARDS your fear.  Face it.

...And turn fear into your friend.

Here's what I mean.

When I feel fear, I don't turn away or run from it... I turn square towards it and say... "You're not fear... No, you're EXCITEMENT!  I've been looking for you."

It all starts when you wake up in the morning and say to yourself... Today is gonna be an exiting day for this success warrior.

There is a very fine line between fear and excitement.

But here's the three most powerful things you can do right NOW to become fearless

1. Visualize... Why is this so powerful?57533989EM003_Mike_Metzger_

Because it's been Scientifically proven (By official scientists and stuff) that your subconscious mind, does not know the difference between a thought and reality.

In other words, if you imagine yourself doing something, your brain thinks you're really doing it.

This is HUGE... here's why

The best way to not fear something is to do it over and over again...

And if you visualize yourself doing something (in the safety of your own mind) for up to 21 days, it will become a habit... Something you do every day... NO BIG DEAL and NO FEAR!

That's exactly how I totally destroyed my fear of speaking in fornt of hundreds of people at FBS09.

for 21 days before the event, for 5 minutes a day, I stood in front of a huge blown up picture of FBS08 and visualized giving my presentation (and kicking butt)

It totally worked cuz I NEVER got nervious or scared... Not even for a second... JUST EXCITED!

fedor-choi-sm-22. Be a MASSIVE ACTION taker... When you learn something really powerful like this, don't just read it and say "this is cool", DO IT!

3. Go to the Fitness Info Summit.  I will be speaking here and breaking down step-by-step how to be FEARLESS so that you will never again let anything get in the way of your success.

There is no way I could ever achieve the boot camp success that I did if it wasn't for discovering how to be fearless.

>> Learn more about the Fitness Info Summit

Rock on!


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