How To Close 9 Out Of 10 Clients

I was GRILLING my best bud, the undisputed KING of fitness marketing Bedros Keuilian on his legendary CLOSING and SALES Tactics when that Leonard Wakerski guy did something so UNETHICAL, that you wont even believe it!



So the way I see it, you have TWO options...

Option #1

Order Leonard Wankerski's
"How To Trick Clients
Into Hiring You"
for $4997.00



Option #2

Order Bedros Keuilian's,
"How to Close
9 out of 10 Clients
on Big Ticket Packages" DVD
for $57 bucks



Can you believe that Leonard Wankerski guy?

How can he possible come out with a better product than my man Bedros who makes MILLIONS of DOLLARS a year with the very same sales strategies that he put on his close clients DVD for just $57 bucks

Grab your copy here (before there all gone)

And be sure to leave a comment if you have any Leonard Wankerski's in YOUR life... You know, those people that tell you:

-You can't

- you're not smart enough

- you're not good enough

- It won't work

Cuz those dudes need to be KICKED TO THE CURB immediately! (Like yesterday)

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