How to create a culture of referrals in your fitness boot camp

It’s interesting to see how some Fitness Boot Camp have an amazing track record of getting referrals, but others, don’t.

This is usually a black and white situation. These businesses either get or they don’t.

This factor doesn’t necessarily have a direct correlation on either the business is a success or a failure but, being good getting referrals sure make it a whole lot easier to run your fitness boot camp business successfully.

On top of knowing how to market a fitness boot camp, you must understand that your prospects and clients are looking for results at first and you must be able to deliver it in order to survive in this business.

But, what now? You are delivering results but there are probably dozens of other personal trainers and boot camps in your area that are also doing so.

So? How do you stand out from this “fitness crowd?” How do you not only keep the clients but also have them refer their friends, families and co-workers to you?

The word that best encapsulates what you need to focus on is EXPERIENCE!

Aside from awesome results you must deliver an awesome experience, an experience that your prospects and clients are not able to find anywhere else.

By now you are probably asking yourself, but HOW? I share a few of the tools we use at Fit Body Boot Camp below.


1 – Focus on desired outcome – Don’t assume that every client is looking for the same thing. Make sure that your PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) has questions that, when answered, give you a very clear understanding of what that client is looking for.

Once you know what it is, keep track of it and remind your clients constantly that every week they are getting closer to their goals.


Fitness Boot Camp Referral Marketing Fun Workout2 – Keep it FUN! – A lot of trainers are super focused of bringing in the pain to their clients. We all know that with no pain there is no gain but people tend to forget the pain when there is fun involved. So, make sure that you trainers make every session extremely fun.

Have your clients guessing every time they come to class what kind of fun workout your trainer is going to bring today. The fun factor should be added to your fitness boot camp marketing strategy. If it is not fun they won't stay.


3 – Shock and Awe – Once a month, SHOCK your clients with an unexpected gift at their door step. Get creative on what to gift them.

Presents with your business logo on them will keep your clients fitness goals front of mind and help you to advertise your brand.Don’t forget to add a hand written note expressing how much you appreciate having them as clients and asking for referrals!


4 – Make referring a condition of doing business with you – The moment that a prospect becomes your client is the perfect time to let them know that you’ll do your best to deliver the results they are looking for and in turn, ask them to refer you to their friends, family and co-workers so they too, can have the same amazing experience.

A simple question like, “Can I count on you?”, after asking for referrals and explaining about your referral rewards programs does more than you can imagine.

It’s pure human psychology. Once they committed to help you grow your business they will always fulfill their promise.


5 – Referral Rewards – You should have an ongoing referral rewards policy. At Fit Body Boot Camp Locations, a referral isfitness boot camp referral marketing worth half off on the next month’s membership.

Having this ongoing referral program in place also helps you to close the prospects that have the “money issue” as it also reminds them to refer.

On top of that, every three months or so, you should have a referral contest where for two or three weeks you keep track of all the referrals and give awesome and coveted prizes at the end of the promotion to the top referrers.


6 – Show Love, Appreciation and Recognition – You will need to deliver results if you want to stay in business.
Create a fun and unique experience to wow your clients and have them refer their friends, family and co-workers.

Lastly, you will need to show them love, appreciation and recognition. These three things will tie your whole retention and referral system together. There are many ways you can show your clients Love, Appreciation and Recognition.

Facebook is a great tool to accomplish this and let the community know how you treat your clients. Text messages, the above mentions presents with the shock and awe systems, clients appreciation parties are also clever ways to accomplish this task, but it should all come from the heart!


Learn more about Fit Body Boot Camp and see if a franchise opportunity is right for you.

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