How To Get 1-on-1 Trainers To Send You boot Camp referrals

Heeeey Steve here with a way out-of-the-box yet super simple way to grow your fitness boot camp.

Oh yeah, and this boot camp marketing strategy is not only EASY, but it takes ZERO outta pocket expense 🙂

I call it, The "1-on-1 Trainer Referral Creator"

So sit back and discover how to get 1-on-1 trainers to grow your fitness boot camp.

Strategy overview:

Their are probably a ton of 1-on-1 trainers in your area.

These trainers charge significantly higher prices than you.

However, a lot of people can't afford their rates, and since you charge significantly lower, this creates an interesting and mutually profitable opportunity.

Here's the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1 - Do a Google search to find 1-on-1 personal trainers in your area.

Step 2 - Contact those trainers and tell them that for the prospects that CAN'T afford their rates, you'd be willing to split the monthly recurring revenue for each boot camper that they refer to you.

Tell them that you charge $200 a month, so they would make $100 per month, on a recurring basis for each referral that signs up.

Step 3 - If they agree, then tell them to give you the name, phone number, email, and any important details of any prospect that can't afford their rates.

Let the trainer know that you will call the prospect and set them up for a visit, then let the them know if they signed up or not.

If the prospect signs up, then you auto debit the prospect each month, and cut the trainer a check for 50 percent at the end of each month.

That's it - Simple.

So let's do the math...

Get 20 1-on-1 trainers on board.

If half the trainers refer one client a month to you, that = 10 new clients a month.

10 new clients X's $100 = $1000 a month.

Keep that up for 8 months and you will have increased your monthly revenue by $8000 a month which comes to $96k a year.

Not bad at all, have fun with this strategy 🙂

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