How To Get Fitness Clients From Craigslist

picture-12Hey - Bedros and I are just getting ready to leave Las Vegas and head back home.
We had a blast and got TONS of stuff done 🙂

(Be sure and ask me about the "little incident" when you see me and my bro David at the Fitness Info Summit

But before we take off, I wanted to show you a simple, but POWERFUL client getting strategy that my brother David uses for Craigslist.

So if ya want to get boat-loads of clients for free of of CL, then check out this strategy below.

And if you interested in jumping on board the worlds most dominating boot camp system, before your territory is gone for good, then go here.

Ok, now check out this killer craigslist fitness marketing strategy.

Here's one more tested-to-work secret from my brother David's Craigslist bag o' tricks


David Tendrich here (Steve's bro). Today I'm revealing my Craigslist posting schedule that I've only shared with paying clients until this point. That's because it's highly tested, and will have you at the top of the list in 3 different categories, 7 days a week.

This schedule requires:

  • 12 quality ads...
  • And it requires dedication, commitment, and consistency...

Because it will only get you GREAT results if you stick with it every day. If you use it just every once in a while I can't promise you'll see that great of results.

But if you think spending 5 minutes every day posting ads (or getting your assistant to) is a good trade for getting up to 5 clients in one week (which are the results some of our clients have gotten from this schedule), then this posting schedule should be right up your alley.

You'll notice that the schedule only goes up to Tuesday. That's because on Wednesday, you delete Monday's ads and start the cycle over...

Then you just keep going at it like the Energizer Bunny.

But seriously, if you stick to this schedule, and if you have solid ads, then this schedule CANNOT fail.

"Here it is... Your Done-for-You Craigslist Posting Schedule for EXTREME results..."

Monday (9 am):

  • Services - Lessons & Tutoring
    • Ad 1
  • Services - Beauty Services
    • Ad 2
  • Community - General
    • Ad 3

Monday (5 pm)

  • Services - Lessons & Tutoring
    • Ad 4
  • Services - Beauty Services
    • Ad 5
  • Community - General
    • Ad 6

Tuesday (9 am):

  • Services - Lessons & Tutoring
    • Ad 7
  • Services - Beauty Services
    • Ad 8
  • Community - General
    • Ad 9

Tuesday (5 pm):

  • Services - Lessons & Tutoring
    • Ad 10
  • Services - Beauty Services
    • Ad 11
  • Community - General
    • Ad 12

Wednesday - Delete Monday's ads (this is important to prevent getting flagged, and CL will like you better) and start all over again for COMPLETE Craigslist Domination!

Then just continue the pattern into Thursday... Friday... Saturday... etc...

Also try Community - Activity Partners from time to time, or if there are other categories in your area that work better, use those instead, because every area is a little different. These categories are what I've found and tested to be strong overall though.

This is why this schedule is so powerful:7777

  • You're dominating THREE CATEGORIES every single day...
  • By posting in each category twice a day, you'll be at the top of the list morning, noon, and night... Which means more clicks, more calls, and more clients...
  • By deleting the ads, you're not going to get flagged, and you can keep recycling the ads over and over again, making this schedule SIMPLE and EASY... Once you create 12 ads, you're done for life!

Until next time,


To learn more client getting fitness marketing strategies from my "Evil Genius" brother David, go to

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