How To Not Get Your Boot Camps Compared To Cheap Aerobics Classes


p23-2All the badass boot camp marketing in the world won't save your boot camps from the "Boot Camp Grim Reaper" if they're being compared to a $19 a month aerobics class.

Lately I've noticed some local boot camps falling into the trap of replicating exercises, movements and themes done in a aerobics classes.

Here's why this can be a HUGE problem, and you may not even know it.

Most of your boot camp clients have either seen or been in some sort of classes offered at those huge chain gyms.

When you imitate anything done in one of those classes, your members either consciously or unconsciously make a comparison in their brain.

p23-3When this happens, the value of your boot camp goes WAY down, and they suddenly start feeling like they are paying too much.

What's weird is, they might not even know why they are feeling like that.

The bad news is this usually leads to "unexpected client cancelations"

And that SUCKS gorilla balls!


So, to make sure that shit doesn't accidentally happen to you, I made a quick video to watch!

Enjoy -

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