How To Start A Boot Camp

Before I co-created the world's largest and most successful boot camp franchise (Fit Body boot Camp, I had to start my first boot camp from scratch-o-la.

Man, I WISH I could have found a post like this on how to start a boot camp - It would have saved me a whole lot of headaches and wasted time.

But boot camps as the world knew it was still in the stone ages-and boot camp 2.0 needed to be born.


Now it's 2011, and after collaborating on over 525 successful boot camp launches, it's pretty safe to say, I have discovered the most powerful, tested and proven formula for how to start a boot camp.

So without further ado, here is the "How To Start A Boot Camp" formula.

Selecting a location - The old "in the park" model is pretty much dead.

No one wants to deal with cold mornings, rain, snow, wet grass, doggie poopie, or working out in the dark.

And with so many boot camps popping up, public park officials are cracking down more than ever.

And that means you run the risk of getting shut down at a moments notice.

So there are two choices for INDOOR locations in the "How To Start A Boot Camp" formula.

You can either sublease space in the mornings of cheer leading centers, gymnastics centers, dance studios or karate studios.

Since these places don't usually open until the afternoon, they are usually happy to sublease to you on their "off" hours for a small rental fee.

The other option is to lease your own "stand-alone" facility.

Right now rent is super cheap and you can find a really good deal in a light industrial center, retail center or strip mall.

The advantage of having a "stand-alone" location is that you can run more classes including night classes, and you will be in charge.

Getting clients - The very first step is to fill your boot camp with warm bodies (Nobody wants to eat at an empty restaurant)

And the best way to get 30 to 40 people in your boot camp, make a quick $6000 to $8000 and get a ton of referrals is with my Human Billboard Boot Camp marketing System.

Leadboxes are probably the most underutilized yet powerful boot camp marketing tool.

Some simple math says it all... 50 leadoxes X's 5-10 leads per month per leadbox = 225 to 500 leads per month.

Convert 5% of those leads each month (13 to 25 new clients) and you're looking at increasing your boot camp revenue by an average of $2500 to $500 a month.

To learn more about how to start a boot camp using leadboxes check out The Magical Boot Camp Marketing Leadbox Method and you may also like The Johnny King Leadbox Script

And for more marketing tips on how to start a boot camp, be sure to check out 11 Powerful Spokes On The Boot Camp Marketing Wheel.

Turning your JOB into a BUSINESS  - Once you've ramped up your boot camp to six-figures, it's time to turn your boot camp "job" into a real boot boot camp "business".

You do this by finding the right personal trainer who you can pay to teach your classes.

For tips on how to find a trainer to teach your boot camp check out this post.

This will create a passive income stream and free you up to start another boot camp location.

Once you've started another boot camp location, simply repeat the process.

Soon you will have multiple six-figure boot camp locations run by other trainers while you live a life of freedom, security and fun.

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