How To Start A Personal Training Franchise

If you are a Personal Trainer I’m sure your entrepreneurial side has manifested itself at some point. Maybe you thought about opening up a gym, or your own fitness boot camp or maybe you've thought about investing into a personal training franchise.

You thought how cool it would be to have your own business instead of working for somebody else. Or, maybe, you already opened your own business but have been struggling to “get it right”.

Let me tell you there is no doubt that the best way to succeed is to go the franchise route, however choosing the wrong franchise to partner with can put you in a potentially bad position.

One of the biggest benefits of a personal training franchise business is not having to reinvent the wheel each step of the way, because you can trust on the franchise model. It’s proven!

Having said that, I feel compelled to also point out to you that not all franchises are "proven". Here are a few of the most important things you need to be aware of when looking around for a strong personal training franchise brand.

The Personal Training Franchise Model Explained...


1 – Buy-in fee

This is a given. Every franchise will have a buy-in fee. The difference, other than the amount itself will be “WHAT IT BUYS YOU!” Are you getting a website, marketing support, sales system, operations, on going education or just a brand?


2 – Territory

Another difference between many of the fitness franchise models is if it gives you a secured territory. Meaning that there won’t be another franchisee near you. You should also look into how the secured territory is defined. Have they done market research on your behalf to see where your ideal territory should be?


3 – Royalty vs. Flat fee models

Most of the franchises out there either adopt the royalty model or both royalty and flat fee model combined. Always looking to take as muchhow to start a personal trainer franchise - fee
money from you as possible and ultimately penalizing you for being successful because the more money that you make, the more you'll give corporate. That's fine if corporate is delivering what you need - but it's not fine if they're not.

The royalty base can vary from 6% to 8% of your gross revenue. If you build your business to a successful twenty thousand per month you’ll end up paying north of a thousand dollars per month just in royalties.

This is one of the great things about Fit Body Boot Camp’s non-franchise franchise model. We believe in a modest flat fee no matter how successful your business becomes. The way we look at it is like this, we'd rather help you open up multiple locations and grow as your business grows.


4 – What do you get?

Make a list of all the things that both buy-in and monthly fees get you. Fit Body Boot Camp gives you by far the most amount of done-for-you features of any franchise out there - as our goal is to deliver you a as turn-key as possible fitness business.

Once you become part of the family, you get a state of the art, SEO ready website that is proven to maximize the conversion of prospects into leads.

Fit Body Boot Camp also has a team of SEO professionals that will be sure to place not only your main site, but also other sites that point to your business at the top of the search engine results for over twenty keywords. No other personal training franchise system offers this level of support.

how to start personal trainer franchise - supportOur SEO team keeps updated with the latest changes of the search engines to make sure there are no sudden and unexpected drops in rankings. But it's more than search engines these days... it's all about social media, web 2.0 properties, local review sites, and YouTube - the second largest search engine.

The Fit Body Boot Camp personal training franchise model puts your business "top of mind" across the entire internet.

The SEO service alone is already worth the monthly fee FBBC charges you. If you were to hire a company to perform comparable services you would be paying more than your monthly franchise fee.

But there’s more!

We also setup (craft and host) landing pages for your marketing campaigns, create a professional Facebook fan page for your business, write press releases to help you get your local media attention and setup Google, Yahoo and Yelp places accounts.

These are just a few of the main totally done-for-you features of the FBBC model. We go above and beyond giving you a support team that is committed to solve your problems as fast and as effective as possible.

From day one, your primary point of contact will be your coach. Your coach will know at what growth stage your business is and will be able to guide you through the next step to get you moving forward.


5 – What does the Personal trainer franchise give you?

Not everything can be totally done for you. In situations like this, Fit Body Boot Camp will give you information and materials as close to totally done as possible.FBBC owners get access to our members only site full of ready to deploy local marketing system.

In this category you have the marketing campaigns, including design for postcards, web pages, door hangers, lead boxes, posters, etc. All these tested and proven materials are available for you to base yours off of. This way all the guesswork is completely out of the picture.

Fit Body Boot Camp also has a predefined yearly marketing calendar with at least one monthly campaign that is posted on our member’s only site for you to implement. But we don’t stop at simply giving you the materials… we also explain the purpose and give you all the details of why the particular system works so you can make the adjustments that might be specific to your area and business.

If you where under the impression that all personal training franchise models were the same, I hope this post gave you a lot more clarity and a check list to help you make the right decision for your business future.


Find out if a Fit Body Boot Camp territory is available in your area. Here's another article on what to look for when shopping for a personal training franchise business.

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