How Valerie Waters Became Hollywood’s #1 “A-List” Celebrity Trainer


Magazines like US Weekly are calling
Valerie Waters Hollywood's #1 "A" list
celebrity trainer.

Luckily Val is a good friend of mine so she
agreed to an interview.

In this interview with Valerie, she explains that her unconventional fitness marketing is made up of these strategies and tactics:

  • Talk client
  • Defining your clientele
  • Staying cutting edge
  • Bringing you're "A" game
  • How she was referred to Jim Carry
  • How to have your own fitness show

By the way, here is a short list of some of Valerie's celebrity clientele, it's pretty
friggin impressive!

Jennifer Garner

Poppy Montgomery

Benicio Del Toro

Jim Carrey

Matt Dillion

Richard Gere

Lauren Holly

Jennifer Lopez

Carrie Ann Moss

Jamie King

Jessica Biel

Enjoy -
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To learn more about Valerie waters and her amazing Val-Slides!

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