I’ve Got 36 Birthday Gifts To Give Away

When I turned 7 years old, I had a birthday party.

Just one problem...

Nobody showed up.

I guess being a loud, hyper kid with bad A.D.D. wasn't exactly the ultimate formula for making friends at age 7.

So there I was with my birthday hat on, a cool spaceship cake in front of me and no one to share it with (Except for my parents of course)

So that might shed some light on why it feels so good for me to have the coolest friends (you) on my blog EVER!

(I pretty much consider my blog like my home, and when you visit, I get super excited 🙂

So it's my 36th birthday today...

And year 35 has been a blast!

So much has happened, so here's some of the highlights.

I opened six 100K boot camp locations in 210 days.

Met my BFF and business partner Bedros Keuilian.

Overcame public speaking - my BIGGEST FEAR ever.

I took race car driving lessons.

Co-created Fit Body Boot Camp and launched over 100 locations worldwide.

Had an $81,000 day.

Created, co-created and sold five fitness info products

Helped sell over $600,000 off the stage at the Fitness Info Summit

and I Launched this blog 🙂

But today I turned 36, and I have 36 gifts to give away.

So to thank you for helping make 35 the best year of my life, and to kick off year 36, I'm going to give 36 thirty minute 1-on-1 phone coaching and strategy sessions away for FREE.

To claim my special free coaching call birthday gift to you, simply be one of the first 36 fitness professionals to email me at SteveHochmanCoaching@Gmail.com

Leave your name, phone number and your most pressing issue you want me to coach you on to catapult your business forward.
Like I said, year 35 couldn't have been so AMAZING without you, so email me here and my assistant Ariel will set you up with one of the 36 free 30 minute one-on-one strategy calls (As long as you're one of the first 36 to email me)

Here's to another amazing year!

And THANK YOU for making it possible,


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