If You’ve Ever Thought You Couldnt…


It's about a High school kid named Dustin Carter who had both of his arms and legs amputated when he was ten.

Did that stop him from joining his high school wrestling team?

Not only did it not stop him, but be had so may wins that he went to the State Championship (and almost won the whole thing)

No Arms, No Legs... All HEART! Who says you CAN'T!

What you "can" and "Can't" do is 99.9% a matter of mindset.

And "perspective" is one of the most powerful mindset tools there is.

Perspective is when you are able to compare what you are experiencing, to something you've experienced in the past.

Here's a few examples...

Have you ever swang two baseball bats, then dropped the second bat, and the first bat felt super light?

Have you ever went to the movies in the daytime, and after sitting in the dark theater, when you went outside it seemed 10x's brighter?

Have you ever ran on a treadmill and covered the time display, and when you were super tired you moved the towel to check the time, only to discover that you had only a few minutes left - not the long time that you thought you did - Then suddenly, you have a boost of energy because you know you're almost done?

Have you ever had to do something that seemed really difficult, but then you saw someone way less talented than you EASILY do it, then suddenly it didn't seem so hard?

If you answered YES, then you've experienced the POWER of PERSPECTIVE.

So let's take a lesson from Dustin's "never say can't" attitude and apply it to our boot camp marketing...

And whenever you feel a little discouraged, and want to throw in the towel, and say the words "I can't"

Ask yourself, what would Dustin do?

Did you like this post?

Did you get inspired?

It gave me goose bumps, and I'll say it... I cried a little bit.  (Hey don't judge me :-))

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