The Shockingly “Evil” Lead Box & Human Billboard Combo Phone Script (Version 2.0)

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So here's the a copy of the HB-Leadbox PhoneScript 2.0

(Make a list of all the businesses that you want to get your lead-boxes in and call them all rapid fire)

This particular example would be for a tanning salon:

Ring Ring Ring

Dark Side Tannin Salon: Dark Side Tannin Salon, how can I help you?

Awesome You: (Super casual-like) Hey, have are you guys pretty busy today?

Dark Side Tannin Salon: Ahh, a little bit earlier...

Awesome You: Hey, who would I talk to about referring all my boot camp clients to you?

Dark Side Tannin Salon: Hold on, I'll get rick the owner.

Awesome You: Cool.

Dark Side Tannin Salon: Hi this is rick, how can I help you?

Awesome You: Hey Rick, what would be the best way for me to refer my boot camp clients to your salon?

Dark Side Tannin Salon: Oh cool, I can give you a bunch of gift cards.

Awesome You: Oh that would be cool... My clients definitely look and feel better when they are tan so we're all about that.

Hey, we really like to grow our boot camp ORGANICALLY, ya know, from word of mouth so including you, how many of your employees would ya say would be interested in getting trained for free at our boot camp?

(Ask for names and phone numbers too if the energy is right... If not get the names and numbers when you go in to their salon)

Dark Side Tannin Salon: Blah Blah Blah

Awesome You: Hey, when I come in to get the gift certificates to give to my clients, would you mind if I left a lead box in your salon and gave you a hundred bucks for everyone who gets on my program... Like would you be open to see how it goes for 30 days?

(If they say no, then when you go in there to pick up the gift certs, ask again... Also, once they train with you as a Human Billboard, they will be totally open to having your leadbox there)

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