The #1 Most Important Fitness Marketing Tool – Your Mindset

There are all kinds of incredibly effective fitness marketing tools at your disposal. You could go spend one hour on and learn enough to triple your business this month. You could check out some of the done-for-you marketing products available on this site and have in your hands everything you need to take your fitness business to the next level.

But if you don’t have the #1 most important fitness marketing tool – the right mindset – none of that will do you much good.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.14.22 PMWhat I’m talking about here is getting rid of self-doubt. Specifically, two kinds of self-doubt. Doubt in your value and doubt in your abilities. Either one of them can cripple your business by keeping you from using the tools and strategies other people have used to become very successful.

Doubting Your Value

Maybe your mindset issue is doubting your own value. Not as a person, but as a trainer, leader and teacher. You don’t go out there and market yourself and your business because you don’t think you have anything valuable to share. You don’t talk to people about what you do or send out informative emails to your subscribers because you doubt the value of what you have to say.

Here’s what I have to say: the next time you walk into your fitness business, take a look at the clients there. Look at the client who’s laughing and smiling because she lost another inch or finally managed to climb a rope. Take a look at the guy who was fatigued and eating nothing but junk when he walked in three months ago.

What do you think your value is to them? What is the value of what you’ve helped them achieve? What will that value be five, ten or twenty years from now, when they’re living active, healthy lifestyles?

If they had been successful doing it on their own, they wouldn’t have come to you. Everything you’ve shared with them, taught them, motivated them to do has value not only to them, but to others in your community, on Facebook and on your email list. Spreading your valuable knowledge and expertise is one of the single most effective fitness marketing strategies you can use. You just need to recognize that value for what it is.

Doubting Your Abilities

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.16.43 PMYou don’t really understand fitness marketing. You’re not especially comfortable selling to people. I get that. But not knowing how to do something isn’t the issue. Doubting your ability to learn is. Really successful people learn what they don’t know instead of letting it hold them back.

I’ve heard many times that our actions follow our beliefs and I’ve found that to be true. We treat people the way we believe they should be treated. We try to act a certain way because of our spiritual beliefs. Heck, we bungee jump because we believe it’s safe.

But I also think that taking action can change our beliefs. Going on that first bungee jump can change our belief that we’ll die of a heart attack on the way down. Taking one proven fitness marketing strategy and giving it a try can change our belief that we’re no good at marketing. Taking a course on closing techniques and implementing those techniques for a week can change our belief that we’re just not good salespeople.

A really cool thing happens when you act ahead of your beliefs and let your mindset catch up. First you start trusting the strategies and systems you have available to you. Then you start trusting your own ability to think outside the box and even break the rules to become truly successful.

Let me leave you with one last thought. The upside to having the wrong mindset is that having the right one is entirely within your control, so you don’t have an insurmountable problem, you just have a problem you haven’t fixed yet.

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