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If you've been following what I've been up to for a while, then you know that having the "do what I want when I want" lifestyle is one of my core values.

In other words I like to have my freedom, don't you?

But can you really be "free" if your boot camp depends on YOU to train all the clients.

If you REALLY want freedom, then you have to replace yourself with a super awesome trainer.

In fact, my coaching client and FBBC owner Octavio Fortia sent me the video above of him interviewing a potential trainer so I can give him my two cents.

But before you INTERVIEW a trainer, you first have to FIND a trainer.

Here are 4 ways to find trainers:

Way #1 - Post an ad in Craigslist under the Salon/Spa/Fitness section.

Way #2 - My all time favorite way to find a trainer is to convert one of my top clients into a trainer.

Way #3 - You can go to your local college and ask the head of the physical education dept. if you can offer internships to the undergrads.

Way #4 - You can go to the local huge chain gym, scout out the top trainer, and ask them to come to your boot camp to give you their "feedback".

Once you get them to your boot camp, you can make them an offer to "upgrade" their job by working for you.

How to do a trainer interview...

Invite the trainer to your boot camp to participate in the workout before the interview.

Here are some things to look for.

Did they show up ON TIME (or early)

Do they have positive energy?

Do they take direction well?

Did they get along with your clients?

Are they in-shape?

A few questions to ask the trainer after the workout...








One more thing....

Before ya go, be sure to watch the video above of Octavio interviewing a trainer and tell us what YOU think.




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