Top Trainer Success Secrets revealed: The “Mini-Hochmn” Paul Mort

I'm so proud of my private coaching client Paul Mort.

He's completely DOMINATING with his boot camps in the U.K. like a badass mofo!

In fact he has 10 boot camp locations in the U.K. and one in Sweden.

Not only that, he's also a private coaching client turned coach, helping dozens of U.K. fit pros blow it up.

The guy is a serious action taker and such a fun dude to coach (He did everything I said to a tee)

It's so friggin awesome to know that the same fitness marketing strategies and systems that I teach my U.S. private coaching clients also works in the U.K. (With some minor modifications)

Anyway, when you coach go-getters like Paul Mort, you get random emails like this (see below)

And that's why I asked him to reveal in his own words, what he's doing right now to totally kill it.

So without further ado, here's Paul Mort!

Hey everyone, it's Paul Mort here with what's working across the pond right now…

So thanks to Steve's private coaching I’ve got 10 bootcamp locations in the UK and one in Sweden and am currently helping a boatload of uk fitness pro’s smash it with there bootcamps as well.

For those that don’t know me, here in the UK I’m known as the bootcamp king.

Yes, sounds corny I know but, hey ho- I was given that name and it’s stuck.

So Steve asked me to put together a list of some of the REALLY SIMPLE stuff that he helped me implement that's causing me to kill it right now over here in the UK and in Sweden.

1-    What Steve says!

I don’t wanna write a post that just repeats everything that Steve says as you’ve heard that awesome stuff a million times right? IT WORKS.

Seriously, even if you just follow what Steve say’s in his FREE blog posts, you’ll make more money.

The key is DO it though, don’t just read that shit.

2-    Become an instant expert

The problem I see a lot of trainers making over here is that they run bootcamps and all they ever say is ‘buy my shit’

Hang on a second dude, do you even know anything?

Who have you trained?

This is REALLY easy to do.


Write articles and blog posts that show off your knowledge a little.

WARNING: Don’t be vanilla.

Nobody will read top ‘10 weight loss tips’ but will more than likely love to read ‘ is your gym program making you fat?’ or ‘The truth about your breakfast cereal” right?

Stand for something and don’t be afraid to p*ss some people off.

Videos are amazing too.

You can really get your energy and enthusiasm across in video and it puts a ‘face’ behind the website so to speak.

Recycle those articles too and use them as  vids…


Yup, this is ridiculously simple yet it’s NEVER done.

In an age where emails, texts and facebook seems to rule we’ve gotten a little lazy.

What about the lady with 3 kids who works full time and doesn’t have time to check email or facebook never mind read a text from you?

Take some printouts of one of your kick-ass articles and give them out to class members.

This not only makes you look like an even bigger expert but creates good value for the client AND if done correctly can go VIRAL amongst there group of friends at coffee

PS. If you use the ‘PS’ part of that handout properly you can make some killer referral $$’s!

PPS- produce lots of these of a high enough quality and you’ll end up writing the health and fitness section of your local paper too!

4- Stop letting people off the hook

If people don’t come to your sessions, boot those lazy Asses off!

“But they’re still paying me Paul”

I couldn’t give a damn- they’re still fat too!

You think someone that doesn’t show up is gonna get results?


You think if they don’t get results they’ll get referrals?


You think when their friendS asks them ‘how’s bootcamp going’ they’re going to say they don’t show up?

Nope- chances are they’re gonna say it isn’t working for them right?

Keep them accountable- that’s what 99% of those guys want and need anyway.

If they don’t show up- boot em off and send them to the ‘turn up if you can be assed’ bootcamp!

4-    Name EVERY workout.

A)   If you’re not planning your workouts in advance- you suck!

B)   This is one of THE biggest things that has created a HUGE buzz around my bootcamps.

Imagine this conversation in the office

Mary: so what did you get up to last night Sandra?

Sandra: oh I went to bootcamp/the gym/ aerobics, what did you do?

Mary: oh we did 4PLAY at the beach with Paul!

Now that is a “ ask another question’ moment right?

HUGE for referrals as it creates a CODEWORD mentally around your business.

EVERYONE wants to know the codeword right?

I see it on facebook every week with our DAVE workout

Mary Baldwin has been destroyed by DAVE this morning…

Comments: Who the hell is DAVE?

Mary says: oh just a killer bootcamp workout etc

You get the rest


5-    This is THE biggest thing I use in my business right now. (Last time I did it I made 5K in 90 minutes!)

Sometimes I do this for charity too, but the last time I didn’t even get round to arranging that as it sold out to 122 people on faceboonk ALONE.

Instant credibility, 2 appearances in the press, shed loads of leads and 17 new clients (and a possible info product) in just 12 days??

Here's the deal- i recently came across an AMAZING way to get ALL of the above in just a couple of weeks!

WARNING- do not do this if you're not ready to seriously improve your bottom line or if you're a wimp that doesn't like standing up and talking in front of groups!

"Okay Bootcamp 'King' enough of the name calling, just tell me what this stuffs about" I hear you say

No problem- here it is and its incredibly simple but totally kicks ass…

S.T.I.P.T stands for 'something-to-invite-people-to'

In our case, its a small workshop called 'the truth about weight loss- the big fat lies that your gym/slimming club don't want you to know about.

Why do we do this?

Basically its a chance to get a got of people in a room so you can show off your knowledge!

Why's that so great?

Because a lot of your potential clients, especially the overweight guys and gals who haven't exercised in a long tim are too nervous to exercise in front of anyone, regardless of whether that's a 'free trial' or not.

Its an AMAZING chance for them to get to know, like and trust you- which unless you've been living on the moon or with your head up your ass you'll already know about right?

Once you gain that trust and impress them with your killer info (don't hold ANYTHING back here) you're onto a winner.

All you have to do is get people to show up right?

Yup, you can invite your list, your facebook pals but nothing beats a good old bit of free publicity- don't forget the INSTANT CREDIBILITY either dude!

Oh its hard to get in the local press is it?

Not any more- the Bootcamp King has the answer and its worked every time.

So you wanna know the formula?

…here it is:

1- Check ALL of your local papers and find out what each of there 'chosen charities' is. Almost every paper has one- if not CALL the paper and find out. (sometimes charities have their own press officer who can contact the paper anyway)

2- Send in a press release- Email AND post letting them know about your 'charity seminar' that you normally charge $100 each for but you're gonna offer at just $5-10 to there readers and donate all of the proceeds to there chosen charity- you can even team up with another local company who 'sponsor' the event.

They should DEFINITELY run this story as its for THEIR charity and the more people you can both get there, the better.

3- Invite a journalist along to 'review' the seminar

4- Get as many people there as you can- invite EVERYONE, including friends and family just to fill it out

5- Deliver AWESOME, AWESOME content- mine lasts two hours and I tell them almost everything i know and blow them away with your 'stuff'.

Oh and make sure you record the whole thing- to do what you like with (you could sell it via your site, give it to bootcamp sign ups as an educational DVD, whatever the hell you like)

6- Make any offer you like. The first time you do this, you can just get human billboards- or you could offer a discount on their first month of camp- whatever you choose

7- Get a giant check and have the paper come out and do a story on you handing over the check.

8- Follow up everyone that attended with a reminder of the offer you made

9- Basque in the glory of your new found client-getting system you now have in place

Anyway, in short.

The STIPT (something to invite people to)

Is a seminar you put on for your current and past members to bring friends/prospects along to and you get to show off your passion AND your knowledge, then you make an offer at the end.

AMAZING for converting prospects, increasing adherence for current members and REACTIVATING old members

Basically its going to give you INSTANT CREDIBILITY (taking the stage and speaking on a subject of your choice makes you THE EXPERT) and as anyone who’s done any public speaking before will tell you- you can sell ANTYHING from a speaking platform.

Like I said earlier, I made 5k in 90 minutes at my last event. If I can do it, there’s no reason you cant!


This is easy, cheap but AMAZING.

Step 1: buy some thank you cards from eBay (if you want to be uber flash, have some branded ones made up)

Step 2: HAND WRITE (this is key) the card and post it to your clients saying ‘thanks A MILLION for joining xxx bootcamp’

Step 3: DON’T FORGET to insert a lottery ticket- you MUST do this

STEP 4: wait for ‘thank you so much, my gym/trainer/ other bootcamp has NEVER done anything like that before!

7- Get a private business coach

Before I Steve became my private coach, I had one boot camp and was making a very average income...

And "I" was doing all the work, getting up early, and teaching.

8 months later, with Steve's coaching I have, like I said, 10 boot camp locations n the U.K. and one in Sweden.

And of course, Steve taught me how to run a REAL boot cap business by having OTHER trainers get up early and make me money.

Am best of all I now feel like I'm making the income that I know I deserve and love'n life!

Steve, your coaching program is the shit.

Paul Mort

To learn more about Paul Mort, AKA- the bootcamp king, visit his boot camp marketing blog at

And be sure to leave Paul a comment with what you think.

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