Personal Trainer Email Marketing Strategies

I’ve heard a lot of people say recently that e-mail marketing is dead, and can only come to the conclusion that these people are running campaigns pushing male enhancement products and  alike,  because personal training e-mail marketing has never been better!


personal trainer email marketing_1What? No Opt-in Box? You need an Email Marketing Tool!

If you haven’t got an opt-in box to capture e-mail addresses on your website then you must make it a priority. Being able to capture people’s names and addresses with their permission can help you to build relationships with them and a more successful business.

If you’ve already built your website or blog then it’s a simple process to sign up for a monthly autoresponder service. Fit Pro Newsletter make it really easy for fitness professionals to have a personal trainer email marketing service that has every important feature you can think, complies with the Can-Spam rules and, most importantly, is easy to use.

Fit Pro Newsletter will be one of the most effective lead generation tools you will ever have for your business. Don't worry if you’re not sure how to use an autoresponder service to conduct an effective e-mail marketing campaign, Fit Pro has a very responsive support team that will make sure you are making the most of the system.


What can I Offer with Personal Training E-mail Marketing?

Many of the people who visit your website won’t be ready to commit to a personal training program, but these are very valuable leads that at some point you should be able to convert into paying customers. By running an effective personal training e-mail marketing campaign you will be able to engage subscribers by encouraging them to leave comments on your blog or visit your website and visit your FaceBook page. By them becoming more involved, you will be able to build trust and demonstrate your expertise and knowledge.

Regular e-mails and perhaps a monthly newsletter will be a gentle but constant reminder to them until they finally come to the conclusion that they do need your personal training services. This could take 6 e-mails, or it could take 100!


How do I Get Them to Sign Up?

Always remember that leads are valuable so treat them accordingly. The best way to get people to subscribe is to offer them something valuable in return. This can be in the form of an informative monthly newsletter, a free e-book or access to a course of videos.

You can also encourage visitors to your site by running ads on FaceBook or Google by offering the same incentives. Always make the thing you’re offering irresistible and give it a snappy title—not just “Click here if you want to lose weight”— those kinds of reports are a dime a dozen. Offer them something really valuable like a free one-week membership to your weight loss boot camp or a report on why most fitness trainers aren’t worth their salt.

The weight-loss market is overburdened with run-of-the-mill advertising, so come up with something totally unique. Read books on copywriting and learn from the pros about how to write enticing titles for everything you do – and that will include your monthly newsletter and every fitness email marketing you send out. It’s pointless sending out e-mails that nobody wants to open!


Organizing Your Personal Trainer Email Marketing

Categorize your e-mail lists. You may think this isn’t important at first but when you have a few hundred subscribers if you haven’t got them organized appropriately it can become a nightmare! For example when someone has signed up for your personal training services you will want to send a different set of e-mails to them – not the same ones you’re sending out to potential clients.

Be aware that sending out too many e-mails will be seen as intrusive by many subscribers. Not enough and some people will forget who you are! personal-trainer-email-marketing_2It’s better to send out one high-quality, informative and interesting e-mail once a week, rather than just sending an e-mail every day for the hell of it. People WILL unsubscribe. Value is the key. You want people to look forward to your emails. With that in mind Fit Pro Newsletter sends, on our behalf, weekly emails to your list with awesome content (keep in mind you have the option to turn this option off. Buy why?) This will help you keep your list "warm".

If you plan to send out a monthly newsletter or an e-mail twice a week all autoresponder services allow you load and schedule those e-mails well in advance. That way you can spend a day planning a fluid series of e-mails that naturally flow from one to the next, and then devote another day to writing and loading them into your autoresponder. Check everything for spelling and grammar and don’t send out e-mails that are too long or boring – people won’t read them! If you can add a link to a new video or a full article on your site regularly, this will engage people better. It’s an excellent idea to schedule your e-mails for the same time on a regular day, and the middle of the week has proven to be the best time to do this.

Eventually you may want to organize your lists into a number of different segments: new clients, past clients who have failed to renew, current clients, and those who came in for a free session but still haven’t signed up. That way you can specifically target e-mails to those segments of your list. For example, you could offer special discount to those who have not renewed their memberships.


Your Emails should not be a Pitch

There’s nothing more annoying then subscribing to an e-mail list and getting a pitch every time you open a new e-mail. Make the majority of your e-mails informative and enticing, occasionally offering discounts as an incentive. You’re selling the sizzle not the steak – your e-mails should be a reminder of the benefits of joining one of your programs – what’s in it for the subscriber rather than what’s in it for you!

As we mentioned above, it’s important to learn how to write effective titles – often called subject lines. The most effective way to ensure your e-mail is opened is to start the title with “How to” and include a popular, often-searched keyword phrase. When you do send out a pitch for one of your programs make sure it’s time sensitive or a limited offer. The word “secrets” included in the title will ensure many subscribers open your e-mail, and if something controversial or newsworthy comes up in the industry be sure to send out an e-mail with your spin on the subject.

Of course, always address your subscriber by her first name. I still get e-mails addressed to “dear subscriber” and I’m never impressed!


Monitor Your Personal Trainer Email Marketing Strategy

Autoresponder services also allow you to monitor all the results of the e-mails you’ve sent out. This will give you an insight into how many people are opening them, from which you will be able to see how effective different subject lines have been so you can write more effective titles. You’ll also be able to see how much more effective a title like “15 ways to lose belly flab” is better than “How to lose belly fat”. Lists and numbers always work very well in e-mails and titles. When you are a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise owner you won't have to worry to much about this since we give you all the techniques that are proven to work. As an owner you also get a discount on Fit Pro Newsletter.

One of the other huge mistakes I see in e-mails is the sender doesn’t include a link to his site! To raise your site in the search engine results pages you should encourage everybody to click through to it. TELL them to do it by saying something like “click here for more information”. If you don’t they simply won’t complete the desired action.

So it’s time for you to set up your personal trainer e-mail marketing strategy and I hope these tips have helped.



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