22 Things Trainers Should Never Do

Now, this "DON'T" list was inspired by REAL SH#T I've seen trainers do over the years.

Some of it get's pretty hairy, like #1, when a trainer got caught sleeping with a married women...

So here we go...

1. Do NOT have sex with clients who are married - Once this dude with a hill billy beard came into my studio and held up a picture of his wife and family, pointed at a trainer and started yelling HOME-WRECKER!

Turns out the trainer was getting a little "extra cardio" in with the dudes wife - And toΒ  make matters worse, the trainer yells, "Maybe if you treated her better she wouldn't have cheated on you.

2. Don't be a FAT trainer - You know who you are...

Look, I'm not trying to offend you but man, their is nothing worse than not knowing who is the trainer and who is the client.

Lead by example, take responsibility, take control, and GET IN SHAPE!

3. Don't be a late trainer - Once in a great while, maybe, but when trainers are constantly late, especially at 5:30am, it sucks for the client and makes the trainer look super unprofessional.

It's your business, pay it respect and it pay you back.

4. Don't look mean on your website - People are already intimidated about hiring a trainer, I can't believe how many trainer go outta their way to look as mean and intimidating as possible on their websites.

5. Don't train clients with bed-head - Seriously, I don't even know what to say about this... Wear a hat or something...

6. Don't act tired - When I see trainers yawning and looking tired I KNOW they are 9 times outta 10 broke as a joke.

7. Don't tell your clients that you can't wait until you are done training for the day - I never understood why trainers would do this.

8. Don't turn your back on your clients - I've seen trainers turn their back on 24 clients for 5 minutes just to talk to one client - Not a good idea.

9. Don't have yellow teeth - I've you're a decent trainer and have yellow teeth, I can practically guarantee that if you whiten them you'll get more referrals - I'm just saying.

10. Don't wear your fat clothes - If you've lost a bunch of weight, congrats, NOW BUY SOME CLOTHES THAT FIT.

11. Don't let your current clients see your email promos - PLEASE segment your list so your current clients don't see the promos you send to your prospects for obvious reasons.

12. Don't try to impress your clients with nerdy big words - Man, I've seen so many trainers trying to demonstrate how educated they were by using the biggest words they know to talk about Mrs. Jone's muscles - NO ONE CARES!

13. Don't post retarded shit on Facebook - If you get wasted and barf all over yourself over the weekend DO NOT POST it on FB.

14. Don't push supps like a jackass - If you sell supps or multi-level shit, just be cool about it, and don't push your stuff on your clients so hard that they quit.

It's like stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.

15. Don't try to be the cheapest - This NEVER works... Period.

16. Don't try to steal other trainers clients - I've seen this done in a bunch ways, like trainers seeing a fellow trainer's client out on the weekend and trying to get them to jump ship and join their program by talking shit and offering a cheaper price.

This is shady, low down and bad karma... Nothing good comes from tactics like this.

17. Don't cry to your clients - I was watching this trainer the other day crying to his client about how his girlfriend doesn't understand him (Andrew Dice Clay Voice).

Clients aren't paying you to hear your problems... Suck it up!

18. Don't invite your girl/boyfriend to boot camp and then fight the whole time - I've seen this happen and it was the most awkward thing ever.

This one trainer, in front of his clients even rubbed his sweaty forehead in his girlfriends face while she was doing pushups because he was mad at her.

It was also pretty entertaining, I'm not gonna lie but WHY would you do that?

19. Don't tell your clients your broke - I don't know if it's just the way some trainers were raised, but HOW can it be a good thing to tell your clients your broke?

20. Don't be a weirdo - I know that no trainer that reads Stevehochman.com is a weirdo, but I've seen some WEIRD trainers.

This one guy looked exactly like a fat jean SimmonsΒ  from KISS - Weird, scary and well, just weird.

21. Don't flake out on your clients - I know it's so lame, but I see it and it sucks, especially at 5:30am.

I used to have 2 alarm clocks.

One beside the bed, and one across the room that would go off 2 minutes after the one beside the bed so I was forced to get up.

22. Don't do p90X with your clients - I watched this one trainer put on the P90x video and do it with his clients.

LOL I don't get it... Can't they just do that at home?

Plus it instantly vaporized his "guru" status.


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