Roomate Wanted


I've been getting a handful of emails asking if I knew anyone who wanted to share the cost of a room at the FIS.

Sooooo... I put up a page to help ya find someone to room with...

Just leave your name and best way to contact you in the comments below (So you can contact each other)

If you haven't yet registered  for the Fitness Info Summit yet, you can register here

And if you havn't heard yet, this event is gonna be the PARY OF THE YEAR!

Besides learning first hand how to create you very own 6-figure info product directly from the best in the business (WHO ACTUALLY MAKE HIGH 6-7 FIGURES THEMSELVES) You are going to have an absolute BLAST!

Learn more about the FIS here

If you think (or heard) that the The fitness Business Summit was off the hook, the FIS is gonna BLOW IT AWAY!

So if your already registered for the FIS and want to find another Fitness Professional to share a room with, leave your contact info below.


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