Sharks, Darkness, and Boot Camp Marketing

So we survived the "Get Out Of  Ya Comfort Zone Pitch Dark Ocean Swim." 😀

It was about 9:30pm on Sunday night...

There was a sliver of moon light.

We started swimming out to sea...

Got about 200 yards

And then it happened (OH S*#T)



But besides one of us getting a leg cramp and almost drowning... Swimming in the ocean in the pitch black was pretty fun.

(BTW, we decided not to go naked lol)

It was defiantly WAY more scary in our minds, than it actually was when we did it.

I think MOST things that are "outta our comfort zone" are never as bad as you think they're gonna be.

But FEAR and DOUBT are the #1 reasons most people have HUGE REGRETS in life because they didn't go for their dream.

And if you want to discover the secret to permanently vaporizing your fears and doubts, then read my post on how to be fearless.

BTW, not only will you learn how to make and sell your very own 6-figure info product, and how to have a completely unfair boot camp and fitness marketing advantage over your competition, but you'll also learn how to once and for all, kick FEAR in the face at the
Fitness Info Summit.

Be sure to leave a comment for everyone about what YOUR biggest fears and doubts are, AND what YOU do to get outta YOUR comfort zone?

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