Speak It Into Existence: Part 2

"Speak It Into Existence Part 1"ย  was one of the most poular posts of all time on on Stevehochman.com.

In the video, Adam wasย  getting up at 2:30am to walk an hour and 15 minutes through a snow storm to ge to his boot camp.

See what's happened since Adam's last video.


We can all learn a HUGE lesson form Adam...

For one, it gives us perspective...

In other words, after watching that video, I feel so grateful for living in sunny California, having a car, and not having to get up at 2:30 in the friggin morning.

But ya know what?

I bet Adam enjoys all the little things more now, like having a car, sleeping in and not having to freeze his A#$ off in snow storms.

Hey thanks a ton Adam for having the GUTS to share your amazing story with us bro!


Adam Owns Fit Body Boot Camp in Toronto Canada and he is living proof that if you have a dream, and take massive action everyday, you will be unstoppable.

Be sure to leave Adam a comment about how his video inspired you!

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