Starting a Boot Camp Business Checklist

I like lists. Lists keep me organized, they help me structure a game plan and they're just cool to make.

So I thought I'd put together a check list on starting a boot camp business. See most trainers who want to start a boot camp business spend too much time on the things that aren't as critical designing a logo, a website, a Facebook fan page, and which dumbbells to buy, ect... and way too little time on the things that are critical to your success.

See when you're starting a fitness boot camp business there are things that SCREAM and things that whisper. Things that scream are the important stuff that have the potential to take your business to massive success. Things that whisper are things that need to get done at some point, but aren't necessarily "big" movers in your business.

Without further ado, here's your Top SIX checklist for starting a boot camp business.

1. Identify your avatar and carve out a niche. Who's your ideal client. What's their gender, occupation, and age? What are their biggest fears, frustrations and desires and how can YOU be the solution?

2. Build a website with purpose. When starting a fitness boot camp business the thing that most people give the least amount of thought to is the purpose of their website. You might spend lots of time on design and appearance but the thing you're probably not focusing on is the propose of the site. A good boot camp business website should do these three things in this order. 1. Make a sale. 2. Get a lead. 3. Build your brand message. If your website is not doing these things I can tell you with 100% certainty that you are going to miss out on a ton of business.

starting a fitness boot camp business 3. Get a roof over your head. Treat your business like a business. Never put yourself at the mercy of the weather, the city, season by running a boot camp outdoors. You have options. If you're serious about starting a fitness boot camp business then consider starting out in a gymnastic center if you want to go at it on a shoestring budget. Otherwise you should look at a light industrial or commercial strip mall if the price per square foot is right.

4. Build legs into your business. Create continuity and a reliable income stream for yourself. Make sure you have EFT or auto debit. Don't offer drop in sessions. Offer results based long term programs like six and 12 month programs.

starting a fitness boot camp business


5. Get in front of the money. Every community and town has it's "affluent" market. Get in front of them and make them your market space. It's just as easy to start a fitness boot camp business with affluent clients as it is with "traditional" clients. Plus odds are every other fitness trainer is going for the traditional clients.

6. Hire and delegate. Staff is critical. When you're building a fitness boot camp business you can't do it all for too long. In the beginning you may do it all. But as soon as you can you will want to hire an assistant and delegate all clerical and administrative duties to your assistant. Your job should be to delegate, motivate, and sell.

For every trainers who starts a fitness boot camp business, there are several who want to start a boot camp business but have no clue where to begin. I hope this post gives you some ideas and direction.

If you're passionate about fitness and you know that you're an entrepreneur through and though then you starting a fitness boot camp business is something that you're destined to do. If you need help or want to be a part of the fastest growing fitness boot camp franchise then consider looking into Fit Body Boot Camp 🙂

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