The 47 Second Video That Made Troy $247 Dollars In Reoccuring Monthly Boot Camp Income

88888My man Mr. Troy Blankenship is not only a Fit Body Boot Camp business owner, he is also one of my personal coaching clients.

Troy is kicking so much butt that he's in the process of opening his third Fit Body Boot Camp location.

And it's really no surprise when you see how Troy consistently goes THE EXTRA MILE when it comes to his boot camps.

But let me step aside and let Troy tell you himself...

So without further ado, Here's the GREAT Troy

Hey - Troy Blankenship here,

dogPainting a clear picture in your mind of your ideal client may seem like a no-brainer, but ask yourself honestly; do you really know what your ideal client WANTS!

Sure they NEED to get in great shape. But doesn't everybody? After all, that is why your clients come to you.

But if you really take your business seriously you must take this much further.

You need to not only be different, you need to act different, feel different, and talk different. You need to go the extra mile, be that special person in their life, under-promise then over-deliver.

196_08_02_2009_4_14_01_3760coverThink about this question for a moment. Do you REALLY know what makes your client tick?

Now, hold on, don't rush your answer. Really think about it.

Do you really know what they are looking for? (Outside of fitness)

Do you really know what makes them smile?

Do you really know what keeps them coming back?

Do you really know what motivates them?

Do you really know what would make your client want to never leave your services?

Do you really know about them, the person?

Do you really know what is going to keep them around in your boot camp or fitness facility for months, or heck even years to come, adding revenue upon revenue to your bank account!

Don't you wish there was a procedure to follow that really made your clients rave about you, and only you to your competition, around your community and to your critics? (Believe me you won't have many after reading this)!

Sure, attrition happens, but what if you could really minimize it?

stacks_of_money001What if there was a system in place where you could add instant value to your clients that could be easy to follow, make your clients love you, have little to no cost, take little time on your end, and could be implemented immediately into your business. Wouldn't you be interested?

Wouldn't that mean more retention for your business?

And wouldn't that retention affect your bottom line month after month for many years to come?

Of course it would!

Why? Because having your clients see just how much effort you put into making them feel welcomed and a part of your fitness "family" day after day after day is priceless.

Let's face it. In today's marketplace people are hung out to dry and taken advantage of 24 hours a day 365 days a year. So who's to blame them for being so skeptical once they get in front of you. Their guard is way up.

scareddm1111_468x584They don't want to be burned again. And beneath their disbelief in what you're offering they're literally scared to death.

And because their scared, we in the fitness industry hear phrases like, "Let me think about it" or "Let me ask my spouse" or the ever popular and completely oxymoronic "I need to get in shape first before I train with you".

What's happening in these scenarios? They see no perceived value!

Your job is to slowly (like a trained hypnotist) lower their guard so that they begin to know, like, and trust you and therefore become more receptive to your offer.

Over a (very) short period of time this can and will happen if you play your cards right. Your clients meanwhile see, first hand, how hard you press to not only TRAIN their ass off but also focus on the little things. And like my girlfriend says, it's the little things in any relationship (personal or business) that count!

Why do you have to be different and show your clients how much value you place on them for their personal stamp of approval for your business?

Simple. Because your competitors aren't!

That in itself is reason to add more value. Sure people can go to any gym or boot camp in your area, find a trainer, exercise for an hour and then leave. Any competing trainer and gym can provide these simple and boring services. But that's as far as they go.

You on the other hand provide the same services but then infinitely add your own unique value THAT YOUR CLIENTS CAN LITERALLY SEE MAKE YOU STAND OUT FROM THE PACK.

In fact I've created my personal acronym for this very thing. CAKE!money_parachute

C= cater to them and their wants, not needs. If you already provide a kick butt exercise program that is getting your clients noticeable results then trust me, you are already meeting their needs.

A=act daily. You must be an action taker when it comes to adding value. Duh!

K=kind (be genuinely sincere). Nothing, and I mean nothing gives your clients more reason to cancel their membership to your fitness program when they even suspect you're just going through the motions.

E=evoke their hot buttons so you know how to best add value to their lives. You absolutely must know what gives value and meaning to your personal clients so that you can do more of it.

And believe me it really is like cake. You're just providing the icing. And we all know that it's the icing that's the sweetest part. So layer in on thick!

Take my latest experiment for instance. Many people all over the country sign up for fitness programs each and every day. But who really goes the extra mile to make a personalized thank you video (not email) the very same day that they start their program or trial?

I can right here and now, guarantee your competitors aren't.

And now I've taken it a step further. I'm creating videos and adding them to YouTube for people who have been referred to me by current clients of mine but have yet to start their FREE boot camp trial.

Watch the 47 second video that made me $247 reoccurring monthly boot camp income below

Now even though this video took me less then a minute to film, I used as much specific information as I could to personalize it because I had not even met my prospective client yet.

And the best part. She signed up the very same day I sent her this video...without even starting her trial yet. She paid me $247 dollars right away first because I followed my CAKE philosophy and blew her away with value!

Apparently personalization, uniqueness and sincerely does pay handsomely

So how sweet is your icing?

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