The 7 Factors For Rock’n 6-Figure Boot Camps

If you DON'T want to rock out 6 to 7 figure boot camps then you are wasting your time reading this blog post.

Are you still there?

Ok, cool (I wonder if anyone clicked off?)

So quickly building multiple six-figure boot camp locations and then 2 short years later creating the largest and coolest boot camp franchise in the wold didn't happen TOTALLY BY ACCIDENT.

Just kidding, it happened because I knew that blowing up boot camps relied on 7 specific factors.

In fact, if you miss even one of these 7 factors, you probably will never really have a HUGE boot camp business with multiple locations and a crazy awesome lifestyle.

But of course you know you can count on your pal Steve give you the low down on what the heck to do.

See here we go.

Factor 1 - Getting Ultimate Location

By know after following me for a while you've probably realized that 9 times outta 10, indoor bot camps generate WAY MORE revenue than out door ones.

So either sublease some cheap space from a gymnastics or cheer center, or lease your own stand-alone building.

Parks are cracking down hard and a lot of boot camps are getting kicked out, plus no one really likes wet grass and muddy shoes right?

Also, space to lease is super cheap right now, so it's a darn good time.

Factor 2 - Total  Marketing Domination

No one would argue that there's more competition than ever and if you don't know how to market like a pro, then your bot camp may be in serious danger.

Here are the top 4 easiest and least expensive boot camp marking strategies to start with.

Human Billboards -  (Train peeps for free or at a discount to get referrals and penetrate your community's inner circles)

Your website - An attention getting headline, a compelling video with lots of social proof and a risk free call to action is a simple recipe for a client getting website.

Leadboxes - These are one of the most over looked boot camp marketing tools.

Simple maths says that 50 leadboxes X's 3-5 leads per month each = 150 to 250 leads per month.

Hmmm, as long as you convert just 10% of those leads, you'll get 15 to 25 new clients each month.

Raise your energy - Seriously, I swear that if you raise you energy EVERY boot camp, your boot camp will grow... It's that simple.

Factor 3 - Sales

First off, if you don't like running around like a bill collector, and you like making way more revenue without having the close the same client each month then you need to use EFT (Electronic funds transfer) also know as auto debit.

Closing sales is super easy if you offer a one week for $1 trial.

Just explain to your prospects that you sing up now, and after the week they will start getting debited.

If they do no want to continue, they can simply let you know.

It also helps to have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Factor 4 - client Retention

The best way to retain clients is to give them they best experience of their life...

That means FRIGGIN BRINGING it every day.

Also, giving each of your clients a "pump-up" call every Sunday makes a big difference... A BIG difference.

So do it, don't get lazy.

Factor 5 - Referrals

Like I said above, raising your energy, bringing it, and giving your clients a "pump-up" call every Sunday will increase your retention...

It will also increase your referrals.

But aside from that, here are three things you can do to get more referrals.

1. Offering a referral incentive to your clients.

My favorite incentive is offering my clients half off their next month for each referral that signs up.

2. Handing out $100 plastic gift cards.

These are by far the best referral tools.

3. Doing a referral contest.

Ask your clients to pick the prize for winning.

Give them choices like an ipad or a free year of boot camp.

Factor 6 - Mindset

Your mindset is the most important factor for obvious reasons.

And the best way to stay in the right mindset is to KNOW YOUR DREAM.

Visualize yourself already achieving it.

Feel the feeling of having "it all" and keep that feeling flowing throughout your body as close to 24 hours a day as you can.

People can "feel" your energy, and if it's not positive, or it as a desperate or needy vibration than it will literally repel prospects.

Visualize where you will be six months from now, and feel THAT feeling.

Factor 7 - Opening Multiple Locations Taught by Other Trainers (Freedom!)

The only way to turn your boot camp "job" into a real boot camp business is to have it taught by someone else.

By slowly phasing a new trainer in and slowly phasing yourself out, your clients wont get weird or freaked out.

By the time you are completely phased out, your clients already know, like and trust the new trainer and your home free.

Ahh, smells like FREEDOM.


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