The Amazing Human Billboard Questionairre (Version 2.0)

You've probably heard the boot camp marketing term Human Billboards before.

You may have even used this strategy yourself.

And if you did I wouldn't be surprised because since I introduced Human Billboard Marketing to the fitness industry, it has arguable been the most widely used marketing strategy in our industry.

It still kinda feels weird to hear the term used from Los Angles to the UK.

But I'm not sure if I ever told you HOW, or WHY I invented Human Billboard Marketing.

I figure, knowing how it came to be may help you to use it to get more clients in ways you've never thought of before.

HOW and WHY I invented Human Billboard Marketing

Back in 2000 I opened up my first personal training studio.

Before I opened the doors, and it was just an empty shell, I went to all the big chain gyms in the area and met with the trainers that I thought would want to come on board (This was before

It was pretty crazy actually.

After scoping out the top trainers (or so I thought) I would walk up to them and tell them about this bad ass opportunity I had for them, and that they can do way better then they're doing now.

Then we would meet outside in my truck, and I would get them on board this gym that I didn't even have yet.

Fast forward a few months and the studio was built out, the doors were open, and I was ready to DOMINATE!

I had 30 trainers ready to go - they would all be paying me rent plus splitting the monthly debits for the client I gave them.

I was going to be instantly rich (or so I though)

As it turns out, 28 out of the thirty trainers backed out by week two, and I had just spent all my savings plus took out a small loan on my house - Basically I was DEAD ASS BROKE and rent was due in a few weeks.

It felt like got kicked in the nuts!

So I did two things...

First I freaked out for a good ten to twenty minutes, then I had an idea.

If I can dramatically change the lives of 50 people, for free,  they'll love me enough to tell their friends about me and I can charge their friends for training.

I called EVERY single person I knew.

I talked to a minimum of 25 people I didn't know a day.

I asked all my past clients and friends who was the most influence person they knew.

And by day 14 I had 50 Human Billboards.

I treated EVERY SINGLE one of my Human Billboards like GOLD.

I went to their houses and helped organize their kitchens.

I took them food shopping.

I went to their parties and social events.

I visited them at their work.

I invited them to my house for Taco Tuesday Nights.

I DID WHAT EVER IT TOOK to get into their lives...

Exactly two months later I had over 75 solid, full price paying clients.

And Human Billboard Marketing was born.

But you don't have to have FREE Human Billboards to use my Human Billboard tactics to blow up your fitness business.

Here's a few things you can do to get massive amounts of new leads and clients into your boot camp.

  • Ask where all of your clients and HB's get their hair cut and the name of their hair stylist.Visit the salon and offer to do a "Biggest Loser" challenge for all of their staff and clientele.

    Charge them a very small entry fee to pay for the grand prize which is a 50 inch flat screen TV that you put in the salon with a big red bow on it right under the sign up sheet for the program.

    Do this with 10 to 20 salons and watch you business blow up!

  • Find out where all of your clients and HB's work, and if it's a big company.If it is, visit your clients at their work, have them introduce you to all of their co-workers and then talk to the HR person about doing a health talk or a biggest loser challenge.

    Just like with the salons, charge them a very small enter fee to pay for the grand prize which is a 50 inch flat screen TV.

  • Ask all of your clients and HB's if they have any connections in the media.
  • Find out where all of your Human Billboard and clients tan.Tanning salons usually have massive email lists.

All the questions you need are in the new Human Billboard 2.0 questionnaire below.

I trimmed it up to make it more user friendly and effective for both Human Billboards and your paying clients.

However, always have them fill out the questionnaire at your boot camp.

Never email it to them or let them take it home because you'll never see it again.

Enjoy the new Human Billboard 2.0 Questionnaire 🙂

Human Billboard Questionnaire 2.0


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