The “Big Bang” Referral Contest formula

I know a lot of people wont agree with this, but the way I see it, you should run a referral contest every other month.

Of course you're not just going to run ANY referral contest.

You're going to run the RIGHT referral contest.

Aaaand, as I'm sure you've guessed, I'm gonna give you the step-by-step blue print.

I call what I'm about to show you "The Simultaneous Referral Contest" and it proven to deliver some pretty mind blowing results...

As in mucho mucho new boot clients.

Now, if you have like 2 or 3 clients this isn't gonna work for you.

However, even if you're just starting out, you can use my Human Billboard 3.0 strategy and/or daily discount sites to get lots of bodies in your boot camp super quick.

So here's how it works...

You are going to run an EMAIL REFERRAL CONTEST simultaneously with a CLIENT REFERRAL CONTEST.

First let's start with the "Client Referral Contest"

1. Ask your clients to pick what prize they would like the best to be given to the winner of the referral contest.

I suggest you give them three choices (Ipad II, 6 months free boot camp, luxurious day at the spa)

2. Explain that each member who refers a friend who signs up, get’s half off their next month’s dues.

If they bring in two referrals that sign up, then they get a whole month free.

If they bring in 3 new members then they get a month and a half free... And so on.

So even if they don't win the first prize, they will still win something for participating.

The member who refers the most people that sign up receives the grand prize.

(Note) A referral doesn’t “count” until their first charge has been processed.

3. Start promoting your referral contest.

4. Put a white board up in your boot camp that displays everyone’s place in the contest and how many free half months they’ve earned.

This is very important because the people in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will work super hard to be number one and the rest of your boot camp members will at least want to earn half off next month’s dues even if they don’t think they can actually win.

Update all your boot camp members by calling, texting and emailing them the referral contest status.

It’s important to make it “feel” like an exciting competition.

5. Keep handing out plastic gift cards to your members to help them bring in referrals.

At the end of 30 days declare a winner.

The Email Contest.

The contest is pretty straight forward.

1. Tell your clients that you want to send your Fit Pro Newsletter (Or what ever you use) to more people.

then tell them that you're having a contest to see who can give you the most email contacts.

Tell them the first place winner gets a FlipCam.

Let them know that any new clients that signs up as a result of the email list they gave you will count towards the referral contest and get them one step closer to winning or at lease half of a month of boot camp.

2. Run the contest for 30 days along with the client referral contest.

And that's it....

The Simultaneous Referral Contest.

Run them together for 30 days... then take 30 days off, then run it again, and repeat.

Now, most importantly...

Be sure to bring heaping tons of A.P.E (Appreciation, passion and enthusiasm).

The bottom line is that if you bring the ENERGY and give your clients the BEST EXPERIENCE OF THEIR LIVES, it will be easy to get a ton of clients with the "Simultaneous Referral Contest"

Your members will be stoked to refer their friends and will genuinely WANT to help you grow.


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