The Difference Between Stupid Fitness Trainers And Successful Entrepreneurs



I just got off the phone with a fitness trainer that I KNOW will never make six-figures and MAY eventually have to get a second job...


Mind set, ego, pride, arrogance, he “knows it all”

So now that I’m revved up it’s time for me to get on my “soap box” for a little rant!

If you have been stuck with the same 6 to 10 clients for the last six months…News flash, what your doing AINT WORKING!

Get some help from people who consistently make 6 to 7 figures in your industry cuz chances are it’s not by ACCIDENT...

If you want to get to a certain income level in your fitness business then follow this 3-step-plan used by successful entrepreneurs.


1. Set your goals, and assess where you are in relation to your goals.

2. Find people who have already done what you want to do... Ask them what to do.

3. Then DO IT!

Sound simple? It is.

That’s why it drives me so fu#$ing crazy when fitness trainer DON’T do it.

But that's not why my undies are in a bunch.

The trainer I just got off the phone is making one of the top stupid profit killing mindset mistakes... And he can’t even see it.

Since he does group training I gave him a simple fail-proof plan to get to 6-figures in six months.

Grab 20 people and tell them you'll train em for $15 per session 3x per week (On auto debit) if they swear to try to refer you people... (It is so easy to find people to train for just $15 per session!!!)


Let's do the math...

$15 per session x 3 = 45
45x 52 weeks in a year = $2340
$2340 per year x 20 clients = 46,800 (or 3900 per month)

Charge the next 10 referrals 35 per session 3x per week which = $455 per month each.

If you only got 2 referrals a month (Dude that’s so easy!!) from you human billboards you would have 10 in 5 months...

So check this out:

20 human billboards, 15 per session 3x per week = $3900 per month.

Then add the additional income from the 10 referrals (10x455 = $4550 per month)

Whatch this!

$3900 + $4550 = $8450 per month X 12 months = $101400 per year!

So do I hear, dude, Steve, that’s so easy. You’re a genius... I’m gonna name my first born after you... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


Instead (imagine this in a whinny voice) “I-don’t-want-to-devalue-my-training...”


Dude... This way you make 6-figures, have security, and don’t have to get a SECOND JOB!

Your way you can barley pay your bills and if a flew goes around you may be forced to live on the streets...

Avoid making the same mistake that is guy made...

Get over yourself... Drop the ego... and think like an entrepreneur (good thong for spel chack)

OK... I’m going to get off my soap box.

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