The Easy “Non-Close” Close

Hey Steve here, and I've been getting a lot of questions about how to close people that come in on promos.

So I put up REALLY SHORT but POWERFUL post for ya'll on how to use one of my favorite secret closing weapons - The "Non-Close" Close.

It's simple really for two main reasons.

The first reason is you are giving them an irresistible offer.

And the second reason is because you are NOT requiring them to pay you NOW, which overcomes the dreaded "I'll have to talk to my spouse" objection.

So here's how it works.

When someone is on a promo, first get them emotional by finding their "pain" or their "hot buttons."

Next, offer them a "bribe" by telling them that if they sign up now, after the promo is over they can get half off their first month of boot camp.

Tell them that they just have to give you their credit card info and fill out the agreement but wont get charged anything until after the promo as long as they absolutely love your program.

Tell them that you are doing this to REWARD them for taking a small but VERY POSITIVE step in the right direction today.

Be sure that they understand that they are not being charged now, and they can change their mind and at any point during the promo, but because they took a positive step in the right direction today, their first month, should they decide to stay on board, is half off.

The only other ingredient in this formula is YOU giving them the ULTIMATE CLIENT EXPERIENCE.

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