The Follow Up Formula Version 2.0

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So to recap...

Here are the titles of the different columns for your spreadsheet.

* Date last called (Sort this column by date - Oldest to newest)
* Date entered
* Notes from call
* First name
* Last name
* Phone number
* Email

Here's the "automatic client getter" tool that any serious boot camp marketer should get that I was talking about...

And here's the CraigsList ad for finding
sales people I promised you...

Subject – Earn up to $300 per day calling my fitness prospects

Hi, my name is (Name) and I’m a local fitness expert and the owner of the #1 Fitness Boot Camp in (your city).

Here's my "problem" that I need help with.

I have way to many leads to handle on my own (About 500 new leads a month)

I guess that’s a good problem, but I can really use your help following up with them by phone to schedule them for an appointment.

I will provide a simple script for you to use and I pay $50 for every prospect that signs up for my program.

You must have a positive attitude and good energy (Of course 🙂

If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, email me at (your email address)

Talk to you soon,
 (Your name)

(Your website)

Ps.  You will also have free access to (your city’s) #1 fitness boot camp.

After all, we all have a pair of those “skinny jeans” or that “little black dress” we want to look and feel our best in…

Aaaand... Here is the "multi-use"
call script I promised you...

You: Hey (name) it’s (your name), from (your boot camp), how are you!

Them: Good thanks, how about you.

You: Doing great, the reason why I’m calling is because I got your number because you (State where they entered their info or how you got it)

I was wondering what one thing you are doing right now that’s getting amazing fitness and weight loss results for you?

Them: Well, nothing really.

You: Oh really, so, what is your fitness goal?

Them: I want to lose about 10 or 15 pounds.

You: That’s cool, how can you tell you need to lose 10 or 15 pounds?

Them: Well, my pants are getting tight and I just don’t feel so good.

You: I understand… Hey, if you were going to be completely honest, would you say that each month you are slowly losing weight, staying the same, or slowly gaining weight?

Them: Well, probably slowly gaining weight.

You: Oh man, well I’m really glad I called you because I’d like to know what the best day would be to schedule you for (your promotion here)
Them: (Day)

You: Great that works, what the best time?

Them: (Time)

You: That sounds awesome… I have you down for (repeat day and time and give them directions)

You: I’ll also send you an conformation email as well.

Them: Ok great, see you there.

Enjoy :))

Ps. Be sure to check out the quick, easy and brainless "automatic client getter" tool that any serious boot camp marketer should use.

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