The Magial Fitness Marketing Leadbox

One of the most overlooked but powerful fitness marketing tools are "lead boxes"

These things work... Period.

But for some reason, they aren't talked about a whole lot.

It's weird that they aren't used more because they are pretty cheap to buy, and consistently generate leads month after month with virtually no cost to you.

So today I'm going to tell you three ways to get your lead boxes in local businesses so you can generate a steady stream of fitness prospects.

But first, check out my little equation.

And those are pretty modest numbers, the truth is that you can actually get MORE leads if you get your lead boxes in the right places.

You want to leave your lead boxes in high traffic places like:

  1. Video stores
  2. Movie theaters
  3. Restaurants
  4. Car washes
  5. Clothing stores
  6. Tanning Salons
  7. Hair Salons
  8. Gymnastic centers
  9. Cheer centers

So here are the 3 ways to get these businesses to say YES to putting your lead boxes in their facilities.

#1 Offer the business owner, manager and their family members free fitness training in exchange for letting you leave your lead box in their facility.

This is my favorite way because if they train with you, they will put more effort into referring you clients.

#2 Offer the business owner/manager to email them an excell spreadsheet with all the leads that you collect from the other 24 lead boxes each month.

This will help them grow their list of local residence.

#3 If the first two strategies don't work, offer to pay the owner/manager $50 - $100 for each person who signs up as a result from putting their info in a lead box in their facility.

Pretty easy right?

The worst anyone can say to you is "no" and the more you practice the better you get.

Oh, btw, it's important to collect the leads one to two times per week and call them while they're hot.

And of course add the email addresses to your list.

And in case you're wondering what you should have on the lead box and the little slip they fill out.

Offer a chance to win a free month of fitness and the slip should ask them to fill out their name, phone number, email address and fitness goal.

Have fun 🙂

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