The Punishment Boot Camp Marketing Method

Does the "Punishment Boot Camp Marketing Method" really work?

Great question, and the answer is YES!

And the guy that turned me onto it was the great "7 Figure Sam"  (Thanks Sam)

Here's why...

People do EVERYTHING they do to feel MORE PLEASURE and LESS PAIN.

It's true, even people who give to charities do it because it gives them PLEASURE.

That's why guilt trips work a lot of the time, because the pain of feeling guilty is worse then the apin of fulfilling the request.

We've all been there, right?

So here's a simple boot camp marketing experiment that I want you to do.

For the next 4 weeks, I want your to set weekly business goals.

It may be as simple as getting 2 new clients per week.

Once you set the weeky goal, set up a REWARD and a PUNISHMENT.

Here's an example I used for my fitness studio while we were implementing my charity Drive Referral Marketing Method.

We needed to get 20 businesses on board with us in 2 weeks.

So we set out to get 10 businesses the first week, and the other 10 the second week.


So the punishment for not getting 10 businesses would be 1 hour of the dreaded stair-mill (My palms are sweating just writing this 🙂

The reward for getting 10 businesses on board the first week was going out to a nice dinner (simple)

to make a long story short... I worked way harder because I DID NOT want to do an hour on the stair-mill!

So here's what I want you to "take away" from this post.

Commit to using the oldest motivation strategy in the book for your fitness marketing campaigns...


Leave me a comment with WHAT YOU THINK of this AND what you are going to use as your reward and punishment.

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