The Secret “Closing Sales” Sauce

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Tire Kicker Weed Whacker Pre Qualifying Call Script

(Gap control- Build the pain, peel the onion.)

You: Hey (name) it’s (your name) from ___________. How are you?

Them: Good thanks, how about you.

You: Great! So do you mind if I ask what are you doing right now to melt the fat off or get the amazing long lasting results that you want?

Them: lol nothing…

You: Ok so, what is your fitness goal?  Is it to lose weight, feel better, look better, lose inches?

Them: I want to lose about 15 or 20 pounds…. Or they may say all of the above…. Etc

You: That’s cool, how can you tell you need to lose 15 or 20 pounds?

Is it the way your clothes fit?

The way you feel?

Do you feel uncomfortable?


Do you feel unhealthy?

Them: Well, my pants are getting tight and I just don’t feel so good.

You: What’s the reason that you want to lose 15 or 20 lbs?

Them: I feel like I need to be healthier

You: What do you mean by that

Them: I gained a bunch of weight and I feel gross.

You: What made you decide the take action now?

Them: I’m just tired of how I look and feel.

You: Is there a special event coming up?

Them: My birthday is coming up in a month and I want to fit into my husband’s favorite dress.

You: Have you been thinking about it for a while?

Them: Yes, I have been feeling gross for a while now.

You: What made you start thinking about it?

Them: My husband doesn’t compliment me on my looks anymore…

(Dig as deep as you can… Dig dig dig)

You: Ok so you want to lose 20lbs and right now your not doing anything to lose those lbs?

Them: lol... yep

You: I understand…

Hey, if you were going to be completely honest, would you say that each month you are slowly losing weight, maintaining your weight or slowly gaining weight?

Them: Well, probably slowly gaining weight.

You: Ok, so about how much weight are you gaining a month on average?

Them: Probably a few pounds a month…

You: OMG so you gaining 2 to 3 lbs per month and your not doing anything about it right now?

So in 3 months you will be ____ heavier?

Them: Ya.


You: Ok, so you are maintaining your weight each month but you want to lose 20 lbs?

Them: Ya, I just don’t know how to lose it.

You: OMG so you’re maintaining your weight and you’re not doing anything about it right now?

So in 3 months you will be the same weight?

Them: Ya, I just don’t know how to lose it.


You: Ok, so you are slowly losing weight so at this rate you will reach your goal in about ___ months?

Them: Ya, that’s a long time…

You: OMG so it is going to take you ____  months to reach your goal if you maintain what you are doing now?

Them: Yep.

You: So why did you decide recently that you need a trainer or a Bootcamp? Why would it make it better or easier for you to reach your goals?

Them: Well I don’t know what to do when I go to the gym and don’t have the motivation to go. I need someone to hold me accountable and a set time that I go to.

You: Really? That’s great; I totally understand I can def. help you.

Them: Great!

You: So I only work with very serious people for a pretty selfish reason.

We have a really good reputation. All of our clients are my advertising so I want make sure that you going to be my walking talking billboard out there and get results.

I don’t want you to just come in and pay me and leave with no results. I really want you to benefit from my program and I want your friends, your family and you to see that!

So I’m just going to ask you a few questions just to make sure we are a good fit for each other and you are going to benefit from my program.

Sound good?

Them: That sounds awesome.

You: Ok so I’m located in _____________.  Is that convenient to you? (If no, get off the phone)

You: Ok now would working out 3 times a week with work with your schedule?

(If no, get off of the phone)

You: So to achieve your goal to lose 20 lbs. it’s going to also require that you eat healthy 90% of the time. We will give you all the tools that you need to do this. We won’t make you diet, just make better choices. Can you do that? (If no, get off of the phone)

You: So after the (21 day, 2 weeks, etc.) if you absolutely love the program and you feel like this is perfect for you, if its what you are looking for, will help you lose those 20 lbs and you want to diffidently continue on will that be your decision or do you have to get permission (bring husband if needs permission)

You: Ok well my average program (it all depends on your fitness goals and fitness levels which will be able to determine when you show up) is $197 a month. Is that within your budget?

If they say no then ask them:

Ok well I’m curious, what were you expecting? (Find a number)

What can you afford? (Exact number)

If they say no:

You: Well you know what? We have this deal where every time you refer a friend you get ½ a month.

So if you bring a friend a month it would be $99 per month. Is that something you can afford? (If no, get off of the phone)

(If they can afford it get CC info to hold appointment. Have them come in 20 minutes early.)

Let them know that there is a no show fee of $_____

(You can’t get results if you don’t come in)

When they come in:

- Have them fill out a contract

-Already have cc number ready

-Go over goals (peel the onion)

-Tell them:

You: Ok, we keep it simple: we won’t push you during the 21 days to sign up or try to give you deals. We don’t do that. We really want people here who want to be here.

We are going to pick the program now that you like the most and is the best fit should you want to continue after the 21 days is over.

If you don’t want to continue on, if you don’t feel like the program is right for you just let us know through and will wont charge you anything. Is that fair enough?

Them: Ya, that sounds great

You: (Clap) Oh, btw before I forget did I tell you about how you can get you first month for half off?

Them: No, I don’t think so… Tell me!

You: Ok great well we have this referral bonus where when you refer a friend you get ½ off. Meaning if you bring 2 friends a month you get to come for free!

You just have to refer your friends and train hard. I would actually love to train you for free!

So we have these $100 gift cards to give to your friends. The best part is we don’t sell the cards to you we give you as many as you need for you friends, family and coworkers. That way they save $100 and you get half off.

So as I help you get into the best shape can you help me build my biz?

Them: Yes! I would love to.

Take measurements, body fat and give them a great workout!

You: (set them up for an appointment, don’t talk about money until they show up to your boot camp)



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