The Two Success Commandments Via Frank Kern

(This may be one of my shortest blog post, but it's super powerful so you should probably read it if you're into improving your life)

Hey, if you're at FBS I hope you're having a ton of fun learning the most powerful business growing and lifestyle improving strategies in the industry.

Bedros went WAY over the top this year to make this event (more like a show/party) by far the biggest and baddest event in the industry.

So right now top internet marketing expert and cool dude Frank Kern is on stage talking about his TWO SUCCESS COMMANDMENTS.

And ya know what, he's making a whole lot of sense...

So here they are.

#1 Thou Shalt Not F#%K Around

#2 Thou Shalt Not Be A P##SY

It's pretty straight forward and it goes like this...

If you don't F##K around and just get the shit done that you need to do to achieve your goal, and when it comes to doing hard shit that takes you out of your comfort zone, don't be a P##SY, then your gonna have a hugely successful business, tons of money and an awesome life.

Can I get a whoop whoop?

Let me know what you think.

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