Top 10 Ways To Build Your Boot Camp Cult

Heeey Steve here - I was just hangin with the great FBBC owner and coach Cara "The Texan Boot Camp Cult Leader" Eckerman.

I've never seen anyone get as many referrals as this girl - She averages like 5 a week.

So, here's a short but POWERFUL list via Cara Eckerman of 11 ways to build a boot camp of raving, referring fans with "cult-like" loyalty to you.

So here we go:

1. Group breakfasts, coffee, happy hour etc - About every other week, invite your boot camp clients out for a bite or a coffee.

It's amazing how bonding it can be when you take your clients out of the boot camp setting and into a more social one.

Have a few drinks and laughs with your clients and watch how close they feel to you.

2. Congratulate Milestones - Know your boot camp members goals and hot buttons.  When they make a big improvement or hit goal, reward them and celebrate as a group

3. Group races, runs, and mini-triathlons - Doing group races and events is a really great way to not only keep your boot camp members motivated, but it's super bonding.

Also, your clients will most likely Facebook and talk to their friends about it with their friends which can easily turn into referrals.

4. Circle time - After boot camp, have the whole group sit around in a circle and stretch.

5. The Wall of Fame - Tell your boot camp clients that they can get on the wall by attending 5 classes in a row or doing 2 classes in day.

This helps build accountability and community like crazy!

Every single person that walks in wants their name in "the wall"!

Go around the group and have everyone say their name, how long they've been a member, why they came, and what they've accomplished.

This creates a real feeling of community, support and a, "We're all in this together" feeling.

6. Thank you cards , text messages , phone calls - Send personal texts and call your clients on a regular basis - and every Sunday personally call ALL your clients and give them a "pump up' for the next week.

This is magical.

Also, be sure to send personal thank you cards to your top clients and to any clients who bring you referrals.

7. Know names of all your clients, get to know more about them and show that you truly care - This is pretty self explanatory

8. Keep over delivering to your boot campers - One great way to put your "over-delivery system" on auto pilot is to use Fit Pro News Letter to send them healthy recipes and tips every couple of weeks automatically on your behalf.

9. Show appreciation and be genuine every time you interact with them - Be crazy energetic and be that one person who they know will aways be happy to see them!

10. Keep it fresh , fun and be always motivating - This is a key ingredient to building a boot camo cult.

11. Change their life - Find out what their goals are and help them reach them.

Do you know the specific goals of ALL your boot camp members?

Do you know WHY it's so important to them and what motivates them?

Take the time to truly make their goals a reality.

All of things help create a cult and community of loyal followers who will truly stay , pay and refer.

They will love you and literally do anything for you and your biz!


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