Top Ten Fitness Boot Camp Marketing Strategies

One of the most asked questions by trainers that are considering starting a fitness boot camp business is "What do I do about marketing?", or a variation of this question. Marketing is a beast of it's own and can make or break your business. The great news is that when you join Fit Body Boot Camp your Marketing campaigns are "done-for-you" so you don't have to spend your time and dollars with trial and error. FBBC not only points you in the right direction but it also leads you there.

Here are Fit Body Boot Camp's 10 core Marketing strategies that are used. The best approach to use these systems is to have a yearly schedule where you have on or two of these campaigns going at any given time.

It’s also important to point out that you should never “give up” on any campaign after one try, if you use it and the results are less than expected, it’s a great exercise to revisit it at some point and make the necessary adjustments to make it better.

You never know when a certain campaign will work at it’s best because there are so many variables that can influence the outcome, some known and some unknown. So, read on and find out how to market a fitness boot camp.

1 – Lead boxes
Lead boxes can be a big waist of time and resources but when done right, they are a sure way to not only bring prospects to your facility but also to grow your list with local prospects that are interested in fitness.Fitness Boot Camp Marketing Strategy - Lead Box

2 – Email Series
Aside from the dozen of email series promotions that are proven and have a great track record, Fit Body Boot Camp broadcasts to our owners a “new” email series campaign every month.

These new monthly campaigns that showed excellent conversion in test runs of Master Mind groups are “street ready” and plug and play for Fit Body Boot Camp owners to implement.

We don’t just give you the emails and that’s it. The documents for these campaigns contain extra information like what’s required to make the campaign successful and we include all documents with the campaign like nutrition plans, Ads, etc. taking the guess work entirely out of the equation.

3 – Reactivation Campaigns
Losing clients is the furthest thing from your mind when you are starting your Fitness Boot Camp but unfortunately attrition exists. We have found ingenious ways to bring your past clients back either it be by a direct mail piece or a special phone call.

4 – Strategic Local Partnerships
There are countless, proven techniques that will make it easy for you to strike powerful relationships with key businesses in your community. These fruitful connections will bring you super qualified leads that are backed by the business that referred them.

5 – Daily Deals
We have established solid partnerships with daily deal sites that allow us to have monthly running deals that generated thousands of leads to our locations so far. Here is what FBBC does for our owners:

• Field hundreds of phone calls that each deal generates through a custom 800 number.
• Strategize the best offers for each area.
• Custom redemption software that makes it easy to get paid.
• We develop FAQs that minimize calls and increase sales.
• Provide online scheduling systems to organize the flow of new clients.
• Provide a detailed guide for our exclusive conversion funnel.

6 – Referrals
Once your Boot Camp Business is established, referrals will be the easiest and cheapest lead sources for you.

FBBC has developed dozens of ways you can get referrals from your current clients. Contests and Gift Cards are great ways to get referrals going.

Fitness Boot Camp Marketing Strategy7 – SEO
A good Search Engine Optimization company will cost you hundreds of dollars each month. Our SEO team is on the cutting edge of this tricky business making sure you have multiple websites on the 1st page of the search results.

With original content writing, clever and original solutions and dozens of dedicated computers doing the work, this top of the industry service is included with your FBBC franchise.

8 – Facebook
Facebook is currently a big part of everybody’s life. Fit Body Boot Camp helps you to create a virtual hangout lounge for your location that serves as multiple business growing tools.

Retention is made easy with our Facebook custom Fan Pages. Also, referral generation can be increased by running Facebook Ads that target the perfect demographic for your area and is done for you by our Marketing Team.

9 – Google Ads
Nowadays Google can change their algorithm overnight and knock down your site with no warning.

While our SEO team works to get your site back to where it belongs our in-house Google Certified Consultant can craft an Adwords campaign in no time to make sure you are present on top of the search results so you don’t miss valuable leads.

10 – Direct Mail
Always a sure way to reach your prospect geographically. FBBC helps you through the entire process from choosing the offer, designing the ad, referring a printer, tracking results and planning the next campaign based on previous results.

As you can see, a Fit Body Boot Camp owner is never alone! The support to run these lead generating campaigns are available on our member’s only site and if you have any questions on how to properly implement or on how to chose the best strategy that will benefit you the most the FBBC Coaching Departments is always available to work with you.

Learn more about Fit Body Boot Camp and see if a franchise opportunity is right for you.

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