Top Trainer Secrets Revealed Part 4 (Leaked Video)

I just got back home from hanging with 60 of the coolest Fit Body Boot Camp owners at the  "Operation Domination" mastermind in beautiful Torrey Pines Resort in La Jolla Ca.

It's definitely WDT (world domination time)

Anyways, I just realized that one of the videos for my new Bridal Expo Dominator product was ACCIDENTALLY UPLOADED onto the next blog post that I was gonna put up.

So I said, "what the heck", I'm gonna just go ahead and leave it up for ya...

Enjoy 🙂

These guys are KILLING it by getting 30 to 50 PAID IN FULL sign-ups every-time they go to a bridal expo...

Pretty cool huh?

Not surprising though...

Theses guys were MAJOR ACTION TAKERS in my BCF5 coaching program and absolutely killing it by getting 30 to 50 contracts (with credit cards) per bridal expo!

Some simple math calculation shows that's an increase of $6000 to $10,000 a month of recurring revenue  (EACH TIME)

Bad economy... HA!

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