Trainer Wantd For “Evil” Success Experiment

Ok so here's the dealio...

Being the #1 boot camp marketer in the world and all,
I pretty much have super powers to take CERTAIN
trainers and well...

Basically make them rich... Damn filthy rich.

Of course they get that way from changing hundreds
of lives and adding massive VALUE to their community.

But the FREEDOM and LIFESTYLE feels SOOO good,
I'm not gonna lie...

So I'll tell you what this is about, who this is for...
and who this is NOT for.

Here's What This Is About

Back in August of 2009 I did a little experiment where I tested
how fast I could open up 6 six-figure boot camps.

Well it happened faster that I expected - I opened six 6-figure
locations in just under 7 months.

Those boot camps generated over $500,000 a year in passive

And after testing and tweaking my system, it exploded to now
over 340 locations in 7 counties making it the LARGEST
boot camp in the world.

Now, even if you just want 3 to 5 six-figure boot camps,
and not to have 340, these systems are tested and proven
to work for the RIGHT trainers..

I'm willing to teach this to the right trainer and document
the speed of your success for my "little evil experiment"

Now this experiment is for trainers who:

Are super motivated
Know deep down that they were destined for something great
Want personal freedom and a fun lifestyle
Trainer who know their business will grow and are
prepared to work their butt off to make it happen

This is NOT for trainer who:

Are lazy babies
Are afraid of hard work
Who have a negative mindset and a "I can't" attitude
Who are satisfied with just being mediocre

And now for more brutal honesty: You actually have to work. Pretty hard.

The system I've developed has nothing to do with you hiding behind your computer
while money falls from the ceiling. (That would be awesome though.)

So if you're hoping for that type of "miracle", then you might want to pass on this.

Here's How It Works

Go to the link below, and pick one of the two option and get on board my coaching

Once you do, my assistant will set up a strategy call/interview and one of
two things will happen

If after the call I feel like we are a good match, we'll begin the boot camp
empire building immediately.

If I feel like stuff is NOT a good match for you, I'll let you know politely and
you'll be issued an immediate refund.

To take the first step to see if you are right for my Accelerated Boot Camp
Success Experiment, head over here now and select one of the two options <--

Rock on!


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