Vaporizing Fear And Doubt


p42-1I had to cut that video a little short cuz I heard my 2 year old crying upstairs.

But this is WAY important for NEVER having to put up with FEAR and DOUBT again... Ever.

Ok, so have you ever REALLY wanted to achieve something but were overcome with fear and all the reasons why it WOULD'NT work...

Well, the good news is, I'm gonna to show you exactly how to EASILY make those feelings PISS OFF.

Here's how it works...

There's a part of your brain called the cyber cybernetic mechanism (I know, big word for a guy who was in special ed)

Every time this part of your brain senses "change" it sends powerful hormones to make you feel fear and doubt.

p42-3And because your sub-conscious mind cannot tell the difference between a thought and reality... If you even think about success, it sends those crappy hormones.

Well, that was cool when we were cavemen, but now it just sucks.

But the GOOD NEWS is you can totally "shut it off"

You see, since your mind can't tell the different between your thoughts and reality, you can totally trick your brain by visualizing.

In other words... When you visualize yourself achieving your goals... And do it with GREAT EMOTION (very important) your brain thinks it's your reality.

So when you actually start taking steps towards achieving it... Your mind can't tell that your environment's changing...

p42-4I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.
(I feel like we're close, so I can tell you)

Public speaking was my #1 biggest fear.

And when I agreed to speak at Fitness Business Summit 09, I had major anxiety...

I knew I would get up there and present, but I didn't want to feel that SUPER INTENSE FEAR.
(I hate that feeling)

So I called my friend John Assaraf (from the movie the Secret) and here's what I said...

>> Me: "Dude, I'm speaking in a month and I'm scared shitless... seriously bro... I'm gonna pass out or something."

(Just the other day I walked to the front of the room at a big event and nearly had an anxiety attack... How the hell was I gonna a get up and speak in front of 350 people) WHAT SHOULD I DO????"

>> John Assaraf:  "I wan't you to... Visualize yourself giving your presentation and LOVING IT... Just feeling great... The more real it seems, the better...  do this p42-5for 21 days before you present."

>> Me:  "That's it???!!??"

>> John Assaraf:  "Yep... That's it."

>> Me: "How many times a day?"

>> John Assaraf: "Do this first thing in the morning, once in the afternoon, and when you go to bed."

>> Me: "Really... Why will that work..."

>> John Assaraf: "Because the part of your brain that causes your body to release POWERFUL FEAR hormones in new situations will think that you've already done this a ton of times... So it's not new... and there is no reason to be scared."


Not only did I NOT feel any fear when I was on stage... I didn't even get nervous the day of, or the day before!


p42-7So there you have it... Now you can STARE FEAR IN THE FACE and say, "BRING IT ON BITCH"

And on another note... Since the most successful dudes in the world spend the most amount of time out of their comfort zone ...

Embrace the discomfort.... Welcome it.  Get excited about it cuz it means your making progress.

A certain level of discomfort is NORMAL.  You can't achieve your dreams and reach your goals staying in your comfort zone...

I know you already know that but I wanted to tell you anyway...

Just like YOU tell your boot camp and personal training clients...

"When you first start it's gonna be hard and you're gonna get really sore..."

"But it's gonna get easier and easier and eventually you'll look forward to it"

Rock on!


Be sure to leave a comment with the fears that you HAVE or WILL OVERCOME!

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