Very Sophisticated Fitness Boot Camp Markering Strategy Called “Caring”

Before I became the world's boot camp marketing authority I only knew one fitness marketing strategy.

It was called CARING.

And this one tiny little method took my fitness business to $22k per month.

It was simple really...

I just made these COMMITMENTS to myself:

You may "out-smart" me, but you will never "out-CARE" me.

You know more, but you will NEVER CARE MORE.

You may may have more experience, but you will never have more CARING.

You may make more money, but you will never make anyone feel more cared about.

You may have a bigger advertising budget, but you will never bigger heart.

You may have newer and nicer equipment, but you will never make you clients feel more APPRECIATED.

You may raise your rates higher, but you will NEVER raise you ENERGY higher than me.

You may have a college degree or even your PHD, but last time I checked, they didn't offer classes in caring, enthusiasm, energy and appreciation...

...and you WILL NEVER come close to me in that dept.

I commit to out caring, appreciating, and having so much more passion, energy and enthusiasm than any of my competitors that they will not even exist.

Over two years that ONE LITTLE STRATEGY made my $22k a month, bought me my first house, allowed my wife to quit her job.

I also allowed me to buy two new cars and allowed us to never have to look at the prices on a menu before ordering our food.

So take a minute to make a little commitment to OUT-CARE everyone in your area...

And, speaking of caring,

This done-for-you email campaign will get you new clients withing minutes and you can download it completely free here 🙂

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