If You’re Selling Personal Training, You’re Selling the Wrong Thing

Do you know what the difference is between selling a product and selling a result? The answer is: everything.

When you’re selling a product, you’re just one of many in your area selling the same thing. You have to tell your prospect, “Look, here’s how I compare on price, features, etc.” When you’re selling results, all you have to say is “Look.” The key to fantastic conversion rates and steadily increasing your business and your income is to stop selling personal training and start selling results.

How do you do that?

First, by promising what no one else can and then delivering on that promise. You have what you need to do that. There is no better fat-burning program out there than what is offered by Fit Body Boot Camp and we’re known for it all over the US and Canada. Our fitness boot camps are also known for their community, accountability and support.

All you have to do is deliver a great customer experience using the formula you already have in your hands. When you do, you will have a building full of people who are walking, talking, breathing illustrations of the results you promise and deliver.Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 8.33.06 PM

Those living, breathing illustrations are going to tell everyone they know how they were able to transform their bodies and their lives and THAT is what will make you stand out among everyone else in your area.

There are a number of different marketing applications of Pereto’s 80/20 rule, but one of them is that 80% of your business will come from just 20% of your marketing channels. And I will tell you straight up that one funnel of your 20% will ALWAYS be referrals. This is why you must be focused on delivering results and then selling those results.

Selling personal training is one thing. Selling a changed body, a changed life, a changed outlook…..that’s a completely different thing and its value is so far above a package of workout sessions that the two can’t even be compared.

This is why the people who make six or seven figures in this business are the ones who can charge based on the value of their services rather than the going rates at the big box gyms or the specials over at the fitness boot camp three blocks away.

They don’t compete on price because they don’t have to. They’re delivering results and they know that results are the real product. Selling personal training is about selling change. It’s about selling true, lasting change and how that lasting change will make the client feel.

Sure, making great low-barrier offers is a good way to lure clients who might otherwise try that other place. But if you’re trying to make an income on low-barrier offers, you will be stuck in a constant race to lowest bottom line. Low barrier offers aren’t meant to be your income – they’re meant to be a means to an end and that end is selling the customer a long-term, month-to-month contract.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 8.45.21 PMWhen you start talking $2500 instead of $97, you have to tap into the client’s emotions. You have to understand what reaching their goals, changing their bodies, improving their health will mean to them emotionally. You can only do that by first showing them the results that they can achieve with you.

This is what the most successful people in the world know: customers pay big money to make their dreams come true. You have people walking through your doors right now, people who have purchased a low-barrier offer or checked you out on the recommendation of a friend, because they have a dream – that they can change their lives.

Forget about selling low prices. Forget about selling friendly trainers. Forget about selling convenient session times. Show them the results, sell them the results and you’ll have clients that sell your product for you.

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